Thursday, December 25, 2014

Diamond Candle Review!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas/Holiday season! I have had a wonderful Christmas with my husband and family, it really couldn't have been better! I decided to review one of my presents from my mom- I have wanted to try the Diamond Candles for a long time! Not even because of the potential of getting a pricey gift inside, hehe, but because I have heard such positive things about the candles themselves and I am a lover of candles:-)

My mom got me the Lavender Lemon one and I LOVE it. It smells gorgeous-It is so aromatic, it fills the whole room! I seriously didn't want to blow it out! It is fresh and relaxing. The candles themselves are quite lovely to look at too!
So pretty!
When it burns for a while, you can easily access the ring. I just plucked mine out with a tweezers. It is carefully wrapped in foil and in the foil, there is a small baggy holding the ring. There is a reveal code with your ring which you enter into the Diamond Candle site and it tells you how much it’s worth. Mine wasn't worth anything much but it sure was pretty!
Your chances of getting a pricey ring are not really impossible. It's definitely not lottery chances, haha. 1 in 100 will receive a ring worth at least $100. 1 in 1,000 will receive a ring worth at least $1,000. 1 in 5,000 will receive a ring worth $5,000.

As a Christmas treat, here is a $10 off code!! Right now, a lot of autumn scents are on sale so you can get a great deal!! Check it out  HERE: $10 Off!!!  If you follow the link, the code should pop up at checkout:-) Please Enjoy, let me know if you decide to try one yourself or if you already have and Merry Christmas! 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Blog and New Giveaway!

Hey guys! I have been working on a passion project for some time now-a new lifestyle blog. Sicne my life has changed so much since starting "A Little More Beautiful" I thought I needed a website to encompass all my life changes and new interests. I won't be shutting this blog down or anything, I don't think-I just wanted something more suitable to my new life!

This blog is one I have worked very hard to get just right-it's not perfect yet but it is a labor of love. It will include Fashion and Beauty-tips, tutorials and more, as well as Decor, Entertainment, DIY projects, and Love & Marriage related topics. There is going to be a ton of fun and exciting things happening!

Being newly married, I thought it would be helpful to other young married or soon-to-be couples to include some of the struggles we faced on our road to marriage and our married journey!

I would love for you to check it out! I am currently hosting an awesome giveaway! As a little Christmas present and a "Grand Opening" special gift, I am giving away a $25 Macy's Gift Card! You can enter the GIVEAWAY HERE!

Please feel free to visit! Again, I want to say thank you for your continued support and every visitor, every reader means so much to me! So than YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Check Out the new blog here: The Splendid Life of an Outlaw's Wife !!
Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Favorite Subscription Boxes

Hey guys,

Sorry for the absence in posts! I decided to do a quick little post about my top fave subscription boxes! I have tried quite a few of them that are available and have been impressed by some and sadly disappointed with others. Here are the ones I highly recommend:

1) IPSY - This one is for so many reasons. It is $10 (That Includes shipping!). The value is ridiculous-I am honestly not sure how they manage to do this! I have yet to be really disappointed in a bag. I love it so much, I got a subscription for my younger sister too! She loves it and says it is like they "know" when she runs out of things because she always seems to get things she actually needs in her ipsy bag. I feel like they do a great job of putting in brands you like. You fill out a very in depth questionnaire and they do their best to cater each bag to their individual. Another awesome thing: You actually earn point towards buying products. You earn points through referring friends, reviewing your bag, etc. Reviewing the items in your bag is also a good way to let them now what you may or may not want to receive again in future bags, You also get a cute little designer bag each month that make great change purses, clutches, eye pencil cases, traveling bags and so on. So Ipsy scores the top spot for me.
This was the bag for September:

If you are interested in signing up for Ipsy, check it out HERE!!

2) PopSugar Must Have Box- |This one is a little more pricey at $39.95 but I do think you get what you pay for. This one includes a whole array of products-fashion related, beauty related and pop culture-there is usually always a snack included or some kind of food item. There have been best selling books, a trendy piece of jewelry, scarves, clutches, hats, work out dvds, picture frames, candles-if you could think of it, it's probably been in one of these boxes:-) There are also really cool special edition boxes which are always fun and excited-this one is definitely a little more "luxe" but so worth it. The one down side (for some people, at least)- this one is not customizeable at all.  Here is a pic of the August box:

Check out more info and all past boxes HERE!! 

3) Julep Maven-
This is a good one for nail polish and beauty fanatics. Being a "maven" (which is just a subscriber) also gives you access to really good sales, special pricing on add-ons for your regular monthly box. I built up a ridiculous nail polish collection in literally 3 months, haha. I am not even really all that in to painting my nails but joining this subscription service sort of made me take better care of them. I enjoy the quality of their product and found their polishes lasted as long as brands like OPI, MAC, and Essie on me.  Their color range is ridiculously huge and the are always adding new colors and finishes. You aso can choose what "style" you prefer so your box is somewhat customizable. You an choose to get just nail polishes or beauty products as well and I have to say I have been pretty impressed with the quality of their lip glosses and eye liners (all I have tried outside of their nail polishes so far). Here is a pic of my Julep colors: (I apologize fr the kinda crappy quality-my friend is boring my good camera and my iphone camera has been not focusing well lately! If anyone wants swatches, comment below and I'd be happy to do a full swatch collection for you!)

If you are interested in Julep Maven, check it out HERE!!!

So those are the subscription services I have tried and actually loved! Let me know of any others I should try!

Ones I am interested in currently:1) Tea Sparrow - I am in love with Tea and this just looks so cute!
2) Starlooks' Starbox - I have heard really good things about some of their palettes and other products-really wanting t try this! I would love to hear opinions if you have tried it or heard anything-positive or negative, please share!

Please let me know what you've tried, what you'd like to try, what you like, what you don't! I'd really love your feedback! Also, if you have any questions for me, feel free to leave those below as well!
Thanks guys!

Ms. Britt

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Urban Decay's Genius New Mascara

Does this mascara live up to the hype? We put it to the test

Bigger, Blacker, Badder: The Lowdown on Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

This is a Makeup article

Urban Decay's latest mascara promises jet-black, clump-free, lush lashes (a tall order for any single mascara). To see if it lived up to its claims, we had a few of our most makeup-savvy reviewers test it out -- and then they dished on how well it worked.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Flawless Spring Beauty Looks

The hair, makeup and fashion inspiration you need for spring

Flawless Spring Looks You'll Love

This is a Makeup article

Need a little warm-weather inspiration after the long, dreary winter? Master spring's hottest makeup and fashion trends -- think orange lips, matte skin and crop tops -- with our guide.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

City Color Contour Effects Palette and Be Matte Blushes: Review and Swatches

City Color Cosmetics has been talked about in the beauty community for a while now, praised for their high quality and extremely affordable prices.

Be Matte Blushes:
One of the most talked about products are the Be Matte blushes-It is pretty hard to find a matte blush that is of good quality and not terribly pricey.

Price: $2.99

The shades I picked up are:

Fresh Melon: This is a matte, bright coral with a slight pinkish hue
Blackberry: A matte, medium cool toned plum/berry color.
Pink Grapefruit: This is a cool toned, bubblegum pink

Check out swatches and a full breakdown after the jump!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

BH Cosmetics Floral Blush Duos Review!

There are 5 total blushes in this collection by BH Cosmetics  -Rose, Iris, Lilac, Tulip and Daisy . I am reviewing the 4 that I recently picked up.  Check out the break down and swatches after the jump!

I have to say I am in love with these! The pigmentation is great, the feel is silky smooth and the colors themselves are beautiful. The quality of these blush duos is fantastic and the price is so affordable. BH Cosmetics is known for having good quality products for a very affordable price, which makes it an awesome brand for beginners to start with and for professionals alike.

Price: $2.95 (Currently on sale)

Check out full descriptions and swatches after the jump!
Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sephora's 10 Shades of Samba Waterproof Eyeliner Set: Review and Swatches

 Product description: "These intense, long-lasting pencils feature a creamy, smudge-proof, and waterproof formula for a bold line of intense color in one stroke. The set includes 10 pencils including bestselling and exclusive limited-edition shades in three different finishes: glitter, matte, and shimmer. The ultra smooth formula is enriched with avocado oil for a smooth finish and resists water, heat, and humidity—perfect for a day of fun in the sun."

Price:  $49

Let me start off by saying, these colors are really beautiful and definitely eye catching!  The whole set of ten is $49 so you are paying under $5 for each eye liner, which is a pretty great deal! All of the colors may not be "everyday" wearable for some people but even being used on the inside corner of eyes for a pop of color, anyone can make the brighter colors work.The color pay off is brilliant! They glide on smooth and are easy to use. I tested each liner without a primer and the staying power was fantastic and the pigmentation was great.

Check out Swatches after the jump:

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Smile Brilliant Professional Teeth Whitening Kit Review & Giveaway!

Hello everyone! I wanted to fill you in on a great product I have been loving lately. Teeth whitening is something almost everyone has tried at this point. There are so many at home kits out there and all kinds of different methods. Some work and some don't- I have really loved the results I have gotten from the Smile Brilliant Kit !
  (Check out Exciting Giveaway info at the bottom of the post!)

I noticed results after my first use and they just got better after each session. This kit includes:
-LED Light
-Lip Guard
- Whitening Gel Pen

 It does take some time (About 20-40 minutes) w/the LED light. It is recommended you leave the little teeth guard tray in for 1-2 hours after the session with the LED light. So the whole process took me about 2 and a half hours. So you do have to devote a chunk of time to the process but the results were definitely worth it! My teeth were a good 2 shades brighter after just the first time. It was noticeable enough that I had people asking me what I was doing-was I using a new toothpaste? Whitening strip?! Did I have them whitened at a dentist office? What was it that made such a big difference so fast?

The process is actually really simple-the whitening gel comes in a very easy to pen. You literally just brush it on to your teeth put the lip guard in place and then use the LED light for the first 30-40 minutes. It isn't nearly as messy as other kits I have used and that right there was a major thumbs up for me!

Check out before and after pictures after the jump!