Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Contour and Highlight Your Face

Make Your Face Look Slimmer in Seconds

Want the secret to drop your baby fat instantly? It's all in the art of contouring -- see how

Make Your Face Look Slimmer in Seconds

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Kim Kardashian's straight nose bridge, Keira Knightley's defined jawline, and Rose Bryne's prominent cheekbones are all enviable features. And sure, in some part their beauty has to be attributed to genetics (and maybe some plastic surgery -- ahem), but the reason why we commoners notice them is because of their makeup artists' skill in contouring. Just by learning how to correctly use bronzer and highlighter will give you the slimmer face and the high cheekbones you've always wanted.

Lose weight in your face

Monday, March 12, 2012

Most Loved Products of 2012! Cast Your Vote!

Total Beauty's 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

How will your favorite beauty products fare in our 3rd annual Beauty Awards?

Total Beauty's 2012 Readers' Choice Awards

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We've got over 500 products in the running for our 2012 Beauty Awards, and you get to decide which products win the coveted Readers' Choice Awards! When you give your favorite products a pat on the back, you also earn points toward snagging a swag bag of the winning products (worth $350!). Pretty sweet, right? Cast your votes before polls close on March 30.

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MAC In Extra Dimension Collection

Availability: April 2012 (North America)

Extra Dimension Skinfinish ($28.00)

Whisper of Gilt- Light soft white gold with shimmery sheen (Metallic)
Superb- Soft peach nude with multi-dimensional shimmer (Metallic)
Glorify- Copper golden shimmer (Metallic)

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow ($20.00)

Warm Thunder- Mid-tone silver grey (Metallic)
Blue Orbit- Light iridescent purple (Metallic)
Grand Galaxy- Mid-tone violet (Metallic)
Lunar- Royal blue (Metallic)
Havanna- Mid-tone copper brown (Metallic)
Sweet Heat- Bright peach champagne (Metallic)
Modern Pewter- Mid-tone olive gold (Metallic)
Rich Core- Mid-tone aubergine (Metallic)
Dark Dare- Charcoal black (Glow)
Young Venus- Pale white pink (Metallic)


128 Split Fibre Cheek Brush
234 Split Fibre Blending Brush