Monday, January 31, 2011

Skin Care Quiz
Your Skin Care Personality

See what essential products your skin care regimen is lacking

Your Skin Care Personality

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How does your skin care routine stack up? And, what does it say about your personality? Answer these nine questions to find out.

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My Most Loved MAC Lipsticks Part I

Over the years, lipstick has become one of my most used and most loved products in my beauty routine. MAC is my absolutely favorite brand of Lipstick because I love the quality, range of colors and different formulas. So I decided to compile a list of my most used lipsticks and the ones I love the most. Here they are, I hope you enjoy and please feel free to tell me Your favorite lipsticks in the comment section!

1) Innocence Beware!
This lipstick was part of the Venomous Villians launch and I have used it regularly since I purchased it. It's the perfect light nude-pink. (Similar to MAC's Hue but I prefer Innocence Beware.) It's got a bit of a glossier finish but it's the most beautiful everyday color and also goes really well paired with a dramatic smokey eye.

2) Heartless
Heartless is a gorgeous red that was also launched in the Venomous Villains Collection. It's really a perfect red-not too orange, not too blue-it's really a pretty neutral red with a bit of a glossy finish so it's a gorgeous color and it accentuated full lips. I like that it's not a flat, matte red.

This is a gorgeous deeper, blue based pink that looks great on fair skin tones. It's not super bright, it looks natural and beautiful. This is a part of the permanent line.

4)Ever Hip
This is a pretty peachy orange color that was launched with the Give Me Liberty of London Collections. It's not super opaque but I actually think that works to it's benefit. I like the way it translates on my lips with my skin tone. I think it'd be a great one for a lot of different skin tones.

5)Petals & Peacocks
Another gorgeous color launched in the Give Me Liberty of London collection. This one is a really bright, really bold fuchsia pink. The formula is really rich and creamy and it's such a fun and flirty color!

Did any of your favorites pop up on my little list? If not yet, keep watch because this is only part one! Don't forget to share your faves below and stay tuned for Part Two coming soon!
Sunday, January 30, 2011

Need Help Applying False Lashes? This Tutorial Should do the Trick!
Learn How to Apply False Lashes

With this easy makeup tutorial, you can finally learn the art of choosing and applying false lashes

Learn How to Apply False Lashes

This is a makeup tutorial article

All you need is this quick how-to guide and you'll be the owner of long, sexy lashes a la Kim Kardashian in no time.

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Lush's Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask

This thick, green goop may look unappealing when you first open up the black pot, but once you try it you're bound to fall in love. At least I did! It smells fresh and minty (From the peppermint oil in it-hence the name! hehe) but it can be a bit messy to use.

I avoid the mess by applying it right before I shower. I like to gently cleanse my face of any makeup to let the mask really do it's best work. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and then hop in the shower to rinse it off. It makes my skin feel so tingly while it's on and it really is refreshing! You can apply this to your face, neck, chest and back too if you want. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using it. I usually use the mask twice a week.

What I love most about the Mask of Magnaminty is it's all natural. The honey in the mask really softens the skin and the peppermint oil really tones and refreshes the skin. China clay and bentonite gel really deep cleanses and pulls dirt from your pores. Make good use of the ground up aduki beans in this treatment by massaging your skin in circular motions as you rinse it off-this will exfoliate away all those dead skin cells. I feel like this would be a nice pick me up for any skin type.

The Mask of magnaminty really makes my skin look clear, bright and glowy-it's become a must have treatment in my skin regimen and I'm really glad I decided to pick up a pot!

4.40z- $11.75
11.10z- $20.95

Available at: Lush
Saturday, January 29, 2011

19 of the Most Loved Concealers!
19 Reader-Approved Concealers

These concealers are the secret beauty weapon when it comes to having flawless-looking skin

19 Reader-Approved Concealers

This is a face makeup article

To help you find your new best kept makeup secret "friend," we rounded up the highest rated concealers as reviewed by Total Beauty readers.

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No. 19: Cle de Peau Correcteur Visage Concealer, $68 average reader rating: 8

"This concealer is amazing, smooth, creamy and will make you look absolutely flawless."

No. 18: Smashbox Camera Ready Full Coverage Concealer, $18 average reader rating: 8.5

Despite having a thick texture, readers say, "it has the power of a concealer, with the 'spreadability' of a moisturizer."

No. 17: Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 20 Multi-Tasking Concealer, $18 average reader rating: 8.7

"Works great as a concealer for blemishes, redness and dark under eye circles" and it "won't clog pores or make blemishes worse."

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

MAC Lightfully Bright

This Collection is an Asia Exclusive!
Launch date: February 2011

Traditional skin whitening / brightning Asia exclusive skincare collection. Introducing a new "hydro charged moisturizer" to the existing skincare line.

Astro Cool- Light lavender with pink shimmer
Atmospheric- Baby pink with pink and blue shimmer
Ethereal- Pale blue with pink shimmer
Outer Space- Snowy white with subtle pink shimmer

Lighful face creams and moisturizers
The new MAC Lightfully Bright Hydro-Charged SPF 30/PA++ Moisturizer, Foaming Crème Cleanser, Active Softening Lotion, Charged Essence and Deep Ultramoisture Crème.
Friday, January 14, 2011

Great AFFORDABLE Eyeliners!
Great Eyeliners You Can Actually Afford

Our readers say a great eyeliner doesn't always have to have a hefty price tag

Great Eyeliners You Can Actually Afford

This is a eye makeup article

Smudged and smeared (in a bad way) eyes are a beauty disaster that needs to be avoided at all costs -- but how much are you willing to spend for a liner that doesn't budge? If your answer is $10 or less, this list is for you.

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No. 16: Revlon ColorStay Liquid Liner, $5 average reader rating: 8

Readers call this the "liner with ease," a "staple in my makeup diet" and "great for first time liquid liner users."

No. 15: Maybelline New York Expert Eyes Twin Brow & Eye Pencils, $2.99 average reader rating: 8.1

One reader says, "this is simply the best eyeliner ever made. I have used this brand for over 20 years."

No. 14: Sephora Jumbo Eye Pencil, $6 average reader rating: 8.3

One woman says, "these babies go on super smoothly and evenly distribute A LOT of color. You can't do better for the buck, believe me."

Want to see what liner was number one? Click here!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Haircuts that Match Your Face Shape!
Don't Make These Face Shape Haircut Mistakes

Need a new do but not sure if blunt bangs or layers will flatter your face shape?

Don't Make These Face Shape Haircut Mistakes

This is a haircut article

To help you prep for your next big snip, we went to Tommy Buckett from the Marie Robinson Salon in New York City to find out which haircuts work for each specific face shape.

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MAC False Lashes Mascara

I was pretty excited to try this mascara. I've been getting a little bit tired of my old mascaras and wanted to give a new one a shot so after work I popped my the MAC Counter and picked up the False Lashes Mascara.

I was pretty happy with my purchase after giving it a test run. I wouldn't say it actually gives the impression of false lashes but it does lengthen and provide volume which is what I tend to look for in a mascara. The color is also jet black so that really makes the eyes stand out. The application is easy and smooth and I didn't have any terrible clumping issues. The brush was nice and made it easy toe fan my lashes out a bit.

Overall, I'd say I like this product-I'm not absolutely in love with it but it's a good mascara, definitely better than average although the $18.00 price tag might be a bit much for some people since it doesn't work any miracles.

I'll probably get around to posting some pictures up soon to give you guys a good comparison shot:-)

Price: $18
Available: MAC Cosmetics
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Find Your Perfect Shade of Red
Find the Best Shade of Red Lipstick for You

Finding the right shade for your skin tone can be frustrating, so we're here to help

Find the Best Shade of Red Lipstick for You

This is a lip makeup article

To shed light on which shade of red lipstick complements your unique skin tone, we consulted an expert to share application tips and product suggestions. See what she had to say …

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MAC Cosmetics Future Face collection

Launch Date:
17 February 2011 (US/Canada)
March 2011 (International)

The new addition to the MAC family is the Studio Careblend/Pressed Powder, which blurs the line between skincare and makeup, with a pressed texture that beautifies as it benefits. It will be released in the future face collection in february 2011 and is set to give a sheer to medium, smooth, even coverage for a flawlessly soft and even tone with caring, comforting properties.
Studio Fix Fluid and Studio Moisture Tint SPF 15 shade extensions fill in all the gaps.

N18, NW18, NW22, NW33, NW44, NW46, NW48, NW58

Medium Plus- Tan beige
Dark Plus- Neutral tan beige

190 Foundation Brush
150 Large Powder Brush

Light- Soft pale beige
Light Plus- Pale golden beige
Medium- Soft creamy beige
Medium Plus- Tan beige
Medium Dark- Caramel beige
Medium Deep- Rich golden tan
Dark- Deep caramel
Dark Deep- Rich golden bronze


Thank you to All Glam for this collection info!
Monday, January 3, 2011

The Most Loved Face Powders!
The 13 Best Face Powders

Which powder grabbed the No. 1 spot? Was it Chanel? L'Oreal? Read on to find out

The 13 Best Face Powders

This is a face makeup article

Before you set your makeup again, take a gander at the powders on this list and ask yourself: "Self, would you say such lovely things about the powder you just topped your foundation with?" If the answer is no, it's time to hit the drugstore aisle or beauty counter -- armed with this list.

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No. 13: Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Talc-Free Mineral Loose Powder, $9 average reader rating: 8.1

"This powder blends very well and doesn't require a lot for sheer coverage [or] evening."

No. 12: L'Oreal Paris True Match Super Blendable Powder, $5 average reader rating: 8.1

This "manages to feel micro-fine, so it doesn't settle into pores and fine lines" and does a good job at "zapping shine."

No. 11: Clinique Blended Face Powder and Brush, $19 average reader rating: 8.3

One reader loves the formula, which is "100 percent fragrance-free (phthalates-free for my health-conscious girls) [and] non-acnegenic."

Which product was No. 1? Click here to find out!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to take a brief moment and tell all my readers HAPPY NEW YEAR! i also wanted to apologize for not updating quite as frequently as usual-or as frequently as I'd like to. I have been really busy with work and have had a lot of personal things hit me all at once these past few months. i wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who has been a faithful follower and reader of this blog. i appreciate all the support, e-mails and comments so much!

I'm hoping to really improve this blog and do some new and exciting things so i hope you'll all stay tuned for that!

I wish you all SO much love and joy this new year! I hope you're all very blessed and have the best year!

Much love!

Beauty Resolutions!
Real Women Share Their Top 10 Beauty Resolutions

Are New Year's resolutions meant to be broken? Not this year …

Real Women Share Their Top 10 Beauty Resolutions

This is a health and beauty article

As January 1st edges closer it's time to whip that willpower into shape with health and beauty resolutions. Here are the ones our readers say they plan to stick to.

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MAC Jeanius Collection 2011

Launch Date:
March 3, 2011 (US/Canada)


Divain Distress- Mid-tone grey with silver pearl
Motor Head- Mid-tone dirty blue with copper pearl
Stove Pipe Black- Black with copper pearl
White Jeanius- White with silver pearl


Docile- Chrome pink peach with gold
Indigo Pink- Deep burgundy with blue pearl
Painted On- Grayish beige with gold pearl


Acid Washed- Grayish beige with gold pearl
Pretty, Please- Pale pink pearl
Riveting Rose- Deep burgundy with blue pearl

Nail Laquer

Biker Blue- Black base with purple and blue pearl
Frayed Toorder- White matte with soft pink duochrome pearl

Powder Blush

Over Dyed- Bright magenta (Satin)
Pink Cult- Mid-tone dirty neutral pink (Matte)


Thank you to Specktra and Temptalia for the Info and Images!