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How-To Create Gorgeous Flirty Hair
Ultimate Flirty Hair How-To Guide

See how to create perfect waves no matter what your hair type

Whether your hair is long, short, curly or straight, you can have a gorgeous beachy style with these how-tos. Plus, take these fun quizzes -- you may be shocked at what they reveal!

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Shu Uemura: Primitribe Fall Mode 2009

"Take a trip to a primitive land! shu uemura's Fall Mode Collection invites you to explorate make-up with unexpected colors found in the primitive tribe. Be wild and go beyond ordinary."

Primal Color Stick: $30
"Cream to powder texture glides on easily to create smoky shadows or add shimmering radiance."

-Blazed Gold
-Misty Grove
-Night Maroon
-Rich Earth

Primal Mix Eyelashes: $25
"Long lashes in natural dark colors become amulets for the eyes, interspersed with flashes of blue, pink, light green and yellow color."

Painting Liner: $40

"Ultra smooth-glide gel-type eyeliner in colors inspired by gems from the wild’s of nature."


Primal Mix Blush: $24
"Duo-color blush mixes a fresh tone with a soft terracotta tone to create a perfect harmony to add a healthy, warm and natural glow to skin."

-Echo: amber and high-pearl gold
-Rhythm: pink and beige-in- pearl
-Soul: apricot and brown-in-pearl

Rouge Unlimited: $23
"An inviting selection of shades inspired by wild fruits at different stages of ripening."

-BG 942: a citrusy beige
-WN 296: a wine tint with a natural finish

Nail Enamel: $18

-P980: a youthful deep shade recalling a valley of vivid ripened fuchsia flowers
-G960: a soft petal pink shade that compliments all skin tones

Product Images:

Available at: Shu Uemura
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Tips and Tricks to Getting Perfect Skin
Deep Clean Your Way To Perfect Skin

Say good bye to bad skin for good with these tips and tricks

Whether we admit it or not, we all want flawless skin. But getting it can be quite the challenge for most of us. That's why we put together this guide, so you can finally get the skin you want.

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MAC Trend F/W 09 Collection

"As Designers deepen their fascination with all things architectural, from Raf Simon's structural dresses for Jil Sand to the futuristic, constructed 'pod' shoes that we saw at Balenciaga, so too goes the modern face.

The shapes and steely colours in this collection are an expression of the trend, an ode to the Strength of a Woman, rendered with true architectural precision. The geometry of eyes in graphic stunning concrete skyscraper, Trend F/W '09 is a living tower of power! Lips are dark or seductively nude. The fragrance? Asphalt Flower, a limited-life scent as bold and urbane as the modern Metropolis."

Lipsticks: $14.00

Faultlessly F/W- Blackened blue violet (Amplified Creme)
Hipster- Burgundy frost (Frost)
Red Full-Stop- Bright neon coral (Lustre)
Our Pick- Cement taupey grey (Satin)

Lipglass: $14.00

Runway Fave- Grey toned neutral light pearl (Frost)
New Berry- Deep plum (Cream)
So This Season- Deep blue violet (Cream)

Quad: $36.00

A Warmer White- Pale green grey (Satin)
Tone:Grey- Mid-tone grey (Satin)
Waft- Dark blue grey (Frost)
The Right Smoke- Rich blue with white pearl (Frost)

Fragrance: $20.00
Roll on vial

Asphalt Flower - Violet and iris petals with a sheen of vanilla and patchouli.

Thank you to Specktra for this collection Info.
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Classic Beauty Products We Still Love
8 Classic Beauty Products You Still Worship readers prove you can never go wrong with these timeless makeup, hairstyle and skin care buys

Whether it was your first grown-up purchase or a secret passed down through generations, some classic beauty formulas just can't be beat. Read on to see which oldies but goodies fans continue to adore. Did your favorite make the list?

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Senna Cosmetics: Form-A-Brow Kit

Eyebrows can be one of the trickiest parts of personal grooming. Brows really frame and define our eyes. The wrong brow shape can throw off an entire look. I know that I look back at older pictures of myself and cringe at my many brow mistakes ranging from too bushy or over-tweezed. So what's the answer to perfect brows?

Senna Cosmetics has an answer! A perfect brow kit that has everything (Save a tweezers) to create perfect looking eyebrows! This kit comes in 5 different color sets: Ash Blonde, Blonde Redhead, Dark, Neutral, Salt & Pepper. So there is definitely the perfect match for just about everyone. I am very fair with brown/black hair and the darkest shade in the neutral set was just right for me. This kit is so easy and quick to use, it's pretty much impossible to make a mistake! I absolutely love this kit, it's become a part of my everyday makeup routine.

Here's more about the Senna Cosmetics Form-A-Brow Kit and what it includes:

"This is the original complete brow stencil kit that remains a best seller over the years. Its classic brow stencil shapes work for virtually all brows and define the face beautifully, based on the professional 3-point brow shaping technique taught in the finest beauty schools. In this one compact, you’ll have the best of Eugenia’s expertise and brow artistry in your home to use daily."

Form-A-Brow contains:
1 Form-A-Brow mirrored compact
3 brow powder colors to mix for the most natural hue
2 Mini Brow Brushes for coloring and blending brows naturally
4 Brow Shaping Stencils: Fine, Natural, Full and Xtra Full for shaping brows
5 Instructions

Price: $43

Need a perfect finishing touch for your new brows? "Brow Fix X":

"This brow gel plumps up brow hairs with a hint of invisible fiber for the thickest looking and ‘fixed-est’ brows ever. Apply after pencil or powder color to lock in color and shape. Use alone on brows to keep unruly hairs at bay and give a polished, full look."

Price: $18

Colors: Clear, Golden Brown, Taupe


What's Going Through YOUR Waxer's Mind?
11 Secrets Your Body Waxer Would Never Reveal

We got the scoop, from what they're really thinking when they're waxing you to their craziest clients and more

Ever wonder what's going through your waxer's mind while you're spread eagle on their table? You could ask, but that whole hot-wax-in-your-private-areas thing can be a little preoccupying, you know? That's why we tracked down these waxing salon owners: Jodi Shays of Queen Bee Waxing in Culver City, Calif., Cindy Barshop of Completely Bare Salons in New York City, and Leah Nacion of The Waxing Co. in Honolulu. They gave us uncensored scoop on everything you'd ever want to know (and then some) about what goes on in waxing salons.

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Organic Beauty: Pure and True

Skin care is probably the most important part of our daily beauty regimens. If we have fantastic looking skin, it makes makeup look better. Great skin makes the whole makeup process alot easier and faster when you don't have to conceal and cover alot of blotches or blemishes. So great skin care products are a must-but organic skincare products that work? Too good to be true? Maybe not!

Founder and President of Pure & True created this completely green line of skincare products that cover a wide variety of skin types and skin problems. One I'm really eyeing is the Awaken: Marine Minerals Hydrating Masque and Scrub (Pictured above). It's suitable for all skin types but is especially great for my sometimes sensitive and finicky skin (especially during these upcoming winter months!).

Product Description: Awaken uses the minerals and rich nutrients of the sea to stimulate your skin. Kelp, blue-green algae, and seaweed extracts infuse Hawaiian deep-sea water to nourish and detoxify; splashes of antioxidant-rich and healing oils soften and hydrate; while five-percent AHA and jojoba microspheres gently exfoliate skin and cleanse pores. Leave on for two-to-three minutes to use as a refreshing and hydrating masque before exfoliating. Use weekly and Awaken to polished, radiant skin.

Price: $38

Want to go totally green? Or just need products that work? Check out all Pure & True has to offer and visit their website and store HERE.
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The Best Drugstore Hairstyling Products
Top 13 Drugstore Hairstyling Products

Flawless looks come cheap with these products

Turns out, the commercials were right: you actually can get salon-worthy hair with drugstore hairstyling products. At least, that's what readers say about these gels, serums, hairsprays and mousses. All of them gave our readers gorgeous 'dos -- without breaking the bank.

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No. 13: Herbal Essences Shimmery Nights Shimmer Spray Gel, $6.29 average reader rating: 9

"If you want hair that glows and shimmers all night long, making your friends jealous, this is the perfect product ..."

No. 12: Finesse Curl Defining Mousse, $3.79 average reader rating: 9.1

"I have wavy hair so this mousse helps to maintain what curl I have for the whole day without feeling heavy on my hair ..."

No. 11: Frizz-Ease Thermal Protection Serum, $8.99 average reader rating: 9.2

"It makes blow drying a breeze, and leaves a nice sheen on your hair without weighing it down ..."

Want to see what's no. 1? Click here!

L'Oreal - Revitalift AM/PM Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream

Eye creams can be tricky products...some tend to break people out, some tend to be greasy, some do what they say they do, some don't. Well, I am in my early twenties and have no signs of wrinkles yet so my mother, age 50, was kind enough to try out L'Oreal- Revitalift AM/PM Deep Set Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream for two weeks and give me her opinion.

My mother loved the packaging-easy to use with the two formulas for AM and PM in one little tube. She also said she loved the feel of this cream saying "It was so smooth going on and didn't feel greasy or sticky. As soon as I put it on, It felt like it disappeared on my skin. There was no sticky residue."

After one week of use, my mother started noticing a change in her eye area. She said "I look more awake and the lines around my eyes are less noticeable." At the end of the second week, she noticed major improvements in the lines around her eyes, saying "I looked about 5 years younger and got quite a few compliments from friends. None of them knew exactly what was different but I got alot of "You look great"s."

Price: $19.99
Available at: Drugstores

Want to know more? Read more Product info and Reviews HERE!
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Best Anti-Aging Secrets from the Experts!
Anti-Aging Secrets of Top Dermatologists

We got the scoop on the supplements they take, the skin care products they slather on and more

Dermatologists have access to all of the latest and greatest lasers, skin care products, fillers, you name it. So when it comes to taking care of their own skin, we wondered what they do to prevent aging, or even better, reverse it. Here's what they had to say -- we recommend you make their habits your own.

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MAC- Flirt with Fall Collection

Launch Date: August 27

"We're dramatically lashing out with the help of a pre-eminent authority on the subject: Academy Award-nominated Hollywood makeup artist, Christina Smith, who's developed this innovative collection of glamorous Silver Screen style lash looks just for MAC, and that means you're that much closer to the secrets of being red-carpet ready, runway-ravishing. Part of our continuous commitment to collaborating with the most incredible talents working around the globe, these lashes will step it up and set it off!"

False Lashes: $12.00

#43 Lash- Natural length. Wispy bundles that give even flirty fringe
#44 Lash- Unique combo of seperate bundles at inner corner and dramatic winged outer corner
#45 lash- Half lash. Long sep bundles, wispy and dramatic
#46 Lash- Full and short
#47 Lash- Extra long side swept hairs combine with fullness at the base to give an edgy look
#48 Lash- Slightly more dramatic length. Wispy bundles give flirty fringe

Video Tutorial: Recreate Jennifer Aniston's Gorgeous Waves
Recreate Jennifer Aniston's Tousled Waves

Follow this video step-by-step to master one of our favorite celebrity hairstyles

Creating Jennifer Aniston's casual, tousled style is a snap with this video. Because hair that looks this easy-going shouldn't be difficult to style, right?

Watch the video

L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen Mascara

Mascaras tend to cater to different needs such as lengthening, defining, or volumizing. L'Oreal Extra Volume Collagen Mascara obviously falls into that last category. So, does it do the job?

Well, the brush itself is really thick, quite alot bigger than other L'Oreal mascara brushes. This mascara is supposed to provide 12X more impact instantly, volumizing your lashes without clumping. Right off the bat, I can tell you it really did make my lashes look thicker with very little clumping. It also wore really well without smudging all over the place which is a big thumbs up. The volumizing effect wasn't overly impressive but it did make my lashes look thicker and fuller-it just wasn't outstanding.

When applying, to get the full effect I suggest placing the brush right into the base of your lashes and wiggling back and forth as you sweep it up to the tips of your lashes. That tends to help it grab every lash.

I do think this is a great pick for anyone in need of an affordable, volumizing mascara.

Want to know more? Read more reviews of this product HERE!

Price: $6.99
Available at: Drugstores
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Need some Hair Inspiration? Check out these Great Curly Hairstyles!
Pretty Curly Hair Photos

Check out all the celebs who are rocking curls on the red carpet

It seems like all of our favorite stars are throwing out their flat irons and opting for curls instead. Whether natural or curling-iron induced, these wavy and curly styles are a trend that's here to stay.

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Beauty Blogs Giveaways!

Check out some of these really awesome giveaways going on at some other great Beauty Blogs on the web. I'll be announcing a new "A Little More Beautiful" giveaway really soon too, so make sure to keep checking back or subscribe!

-Face Candy is giving away a $920 Katherine Kwei purse! Ends August 23rd.

-Bionic Beauty "Bionic Giveaway: Win your personal fragrance from Bath & Body Works" ends 8/23

-Divado Hair giveaway @, end August 30th. Goodluck!

-Sicka Than Average: Discover your trademark scent from Bath & Body Works and enter for a chance to win! Ends Sept. 18th
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Cities With the Worst Dental Issues
The 14 Worst-Teeth Cities

These towns are no strangers to stains or decay -- did your home make the list?

What makes for a beautiful smile? We asked Irwin Smigel, DDS., founder and president of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics (ASDA) and creator of Supersmile, for his criteria: Regular dentist visits, not smoking, minimizing your coffee, soda and red wine intake, and brushing and flossing. Other factors, like having hard water or a dry climate, can also stain teeth or create a dry mouth (which can hurt gums). We looked at these factors and found 14 cities that fell short on what it takes to have a healthy, attractive smile. Check them out here.

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A Pink and Purple Look


Senna Cosmetics Silky Primer
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation (NC 15)

NYX Dusty Rose Powder Blush

MAC Painterly Paint Pot
NYX Eyeshadow Cherry
MAC Shadowy Lady
MAC Stars n' Rockets
MAC Pigment in Milk
MAC Pearlglide liner in Rave
NYX Doll Eyes Mascara "Long Lash"

Senna Cosmetics Totally Transforming Lip Primer
MAC Hello Kitty Lipstick "Fashion Mews"


Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Lisa (gerrsbabe) on winning the Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow giveaway!!!

Thank you to everyone who entered. There will be plenty more giveaways to come! Keep checking back to see what's new or subscribe to make sure you don't miss anything!

Have a great day everyone!
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Great Ways to De-Stress and Have More Fun
13 Ways to Stress Less and Have More Fun

Want to live a free and easy lifestyle? You can with these quick tips

Are you bogged down by the mundane details in life? Does it feel like you never have any time for yourself? That's no way to live! With these tips we'll show you how to inject some fun into every day, in a minute or less. So toss out that to-do list and have some fun -- you deserve it!

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Makeup Tools and Makeup Storage

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly in search of storage ideas, great makeup tools and other girly goodies! Not to mention if you're a makeup artist or an aspiring one, it's important to have tools and a neatly organized kit to bring to your various jobs. Well, I have my eye on a few things that fall into this category and I thought I'd share them with you!

CoCo Cosmetics Pink Pro Set
-Boy, am I lusting after this! I ordered a brush set from Coco Cosmetics a couple of years ago and quite liked it. I still use the brushes today, so they've held up well. But this pink train case is HUGE and so, so cute, not to mention the pink brush set. It's like a decoration in itself so it wouldn't just "take up space" in your room. Definitely worthy of GREAT interest!
Price: $395
Available at: Coco Cosmetics

Sigma Complete Professional Brush Set
- Chances are you've already heard quite a bit of buzz about the Sigma brushes. Alot of wonderful beauty bloggers and beauty gurus on youtube have raved about them. Some even saying they are comparable to MAC brushes! Well, that's enough to perk up my ears and get me interested!
Price: $64 without the brush roll, $79 with.
Available at: Sigma Makeup

NYX Makeup Artist Start Kit A
- An all inclusive kit. WOW. Everything you could possibly need as a beginning makeup artist and more! I'm already a big fan of NYX, so I know their product quality is really good. This kit is positively drool worthy!
Price: $600
Available at: NYX

Brush and Tool Apron
- A Real Must have for any aspiring makeup artist. I've got one (unfortunately, mine was pricier) and it makes working on a client so much easier! This particular one is really nice as it holds more than just brushes, it's got a place for everything! Love it!
Price: $39
Available at: Makeup Creations

Coastal Scents Black Deluxe Reptile Brush Set
- A great starter brush set! If you're a beginner with makeup or just want to expand your brush collection, this looks to be a good one! I've tried several other Coastal Scents products and haven't been disappointed yet, so I'm eyeing this brush set for my own personal use, hehe. Coastal Scents generally offers great quality at affordable prices!
Price: $39.95
Available at: Coastal Scents

Celebrity Makeovers That Shocked Us!!
Shocking Celebrity Hair Makeovers

Bleaching, extensions, and head shaving, OH MY! Check out this year's most shocking celebrity hair changes

Rihanna rocks the mohawk! Michelle Obama chops her 'do (or so we thought)! They may not be our nation's most pressing news stories, but these celebrity hair transformations certainly had our heads turning in the beauty-sphere. Craving a hair makeover but afraid to pull the trigger? Follow these style tips and tricks to make sure your next hair transition goes smoothly.

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Avon ULTRA COLOR RICH Mousse Lipstick

Avon Ultra Color Rich Mousse Lipstick comes in 11 really beautiful shades. The lipstick goes on really smoothly and lasts throughout the day, but you'll probably need a few touch ups. This formula is not AT ALL drying-it's actually quite moisturizing and felt almost like a balm, rather than a lipstick. The colors are nicely pigmented and the color is easily layered for desired intensity.

Each lipstick is normally $8.00 but are currently on sale for $3.99 HERE. You can get Free Shipping if you use code FSWER . Sign Up as a customer whether you order or not and get more coupon codes and great beauty and skincare deals from Avon and Mark!

Here are 6 of the 11 shades:

Delicate Pink


Pale Rose

Very Vixen

Very Cherry

Plum Frost

Hope you enjoy the swatches and don't forget to enter the contest!!! It ends at Midnight tomorrow!!!!