Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How to Choose the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses!

Sunglasses by Marc Jacobs

If you don't own a pair of sunglasses, you should! They are essential for protecting your eyes all year round.

But....they can also be a huge fashion statement as well as a beauty tool! Fashionable sunglasses can be stunning to look at while protecting your eyes from the glare of the sun. They also hide a multitude of sins like under eye bags, sleepy red eyes, or the lack of makeup while running some errands. They are also a fashion accessory available at all price points, you can find really cute ones from all designers at all sorts of price points. Target has some really great looking, affordable ones if you're looking to go the less expensive route, but remember to make sure they have UV protection!

So here are some tips to finding your perfect shades:

Heart Shape Faces: Choose smaller frames with thinner rims that don't sit too high on your face.

Long Faces: Choose larger frames that cover a good portion of the middle of your face to minimize length.

Oval Faces: You have a wide variety of options, so pick a pair that looks good and that you fall in love with!

Square faces: Try Rounder frames that sit higher on your face.

Round Faces: Choose more square shapes and medium size frames.

Quick Tips:
The general rule I like to follow is to make sure frames flatter your face by using your face shape as a guide. Whatever your face shape, lean towards frame shapes that are opposite of your face shape.

Nordstroms (That's where the above pair can be found:-) has made choosing sunglasses alot easier on us all! If you go to their website and go to their sunglass shop, you can choose pairs by your specific face shape! So check that out if you're having trouble: Nordstroms
Monday, September 29, 2008

Beauty Habits to Get Into

Hello again, girls! I know we all have our own personal little beauty habits, techniques, and routines. But there are a few things that every woman should have in their list of can't-do-without beauty habits. You'd be surprised the difference a little addition can make! Here are a few of those things on that list!

1) Keep Nails in nice shape, whether you manicure them yourself at home, or get them professionally done, chipped nails can distract from even the most beautiful outfit.

2) Get your eyebrows shaped and keep them up. If you have to have them professionally shaped, you can keep them up yourself at home by plucking stray hairs.

3) Wax any facial hair that is visible, especially upper lip hair.

4) Keep your skin nicely exfoliated. This can really improve the look and feel of your skin and can also help your skin care products work faster and better. I usually exfoliate twice a week with a gentle face scrub.

5) Keep your lips well moisturized and free from any flaky dryness. Flaky, cracked lips can ruin the look of an amazing lip color.

6) Get your hair trimmed every six weeks to keep hair looking healthy and split end free!

If you don't do some of these things now, you might want to try and start because it'll not only help you look your best, but it'll help you feel you very best too!

Win a Free Handbag!

Listen up ladies! Here's a really cool contest where to can win a free handbag. Check out Handbag Planet , they're giving away 24 handbags in 24 hours for the launch of their store. Their bags look really great, so you should check them out and definitely sign up for their contest!
Saturday, September 27, 2008

Essentials for Gorgeous Hair!

Jessica Simpson is known for her gorgeous hair, short or long!

A beautiful hair cut or style can make any woman feel better about herself. I couldn't tell you how often that a change in my hair made me feel better about myself and lifted my spirits. A Certain hairstyle can bring out a certain aspect of your personality or help you bring out your sexy side or your more sophisticated side.

Ahhh, the power of hair! Here are some "Hair Essentials" that all ladies should own!

1) A Good Hairbrush: Maybe with Boar Bristles.
2) Round Brush: Used while blow drying.
3) Comb: Preferably wide toothed, good for combing out wet hair, without causing any breakage.
4) Flat Iron: Best if it has ceramic plates.
5) Curling Iron: Probably best if it's about a 1 inch rod.
6) Shine Serum: To Add Shine and help protect against frizz.
7) Dry Shampoo: To freshen Hair between washing.
8) Hairspray: To Keep styles in their place!
9) Shampoo: That is suited to your specific hair type, choose a quality product.
10) Conditioner: Again, choose a quality product that is aimed at your hair type.
11) Clarifying Shampoo: To remove product buildup every two weeks.
12) Hair Dryer: A High quality one is great, with a hot and cool setting.
Friday, September 26, 2008

Beauty Tips Part II

Here is Part II of the Beauty Tips Series:-)

1) To help keep liner in it's place, apply a powder shadow in the same shade as your liner on top of the liner, using an eyeliner brush.

2)If you have very light or blonde eyelashes try a brown mascara instead of black.

3)To help lipstick last, dust a small amount of translucent powder over lips before applying lipstick.

4)When wearing red lipstick, use a bronzer instead of pink or red family blush to keep from being "ruddy" looking.

5)To help battle a pimple, apply an ice cube wrapped in a paper towel for 15-20 minutes. Afterwords, apply red-eye reducing Visine or tea-tree oil.

6) Try using one coat each of two types of mascara, like a curling formula and then a lengthening one.

7)Try an illuminating moisturizer or foundation primer under your foundation to give your skin a dewy glow.
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The New MAC Collection

I recieved an e-mail about the new MAC Collection and here it is! Isn't it exciting? I think the colors look incredible (When aren't they though?) and the packaging is simple and cute. The eyeshadow duos are in a similar package to MACs Brow Shader sets. Go check out MAC's site to start shopping ladies!!

MAC Cosmetics

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall/Winter Trend: Pinks and Berries!

One of my favorite trends for this Fall/Winter season are the amazing pink and berry colors all over the fashion world! Dresses, hats, tops, skirts, shoes, bags, everything! I adore the gorgeous raspberry, strawberry, and cherry colors in all different shade variations. These colors will cheer up anyone even on the coldest of winter days! They can be worn so many ways and come in so many shades and styles! Here are some of my favorites!

You can find all the clothes and accessories at: Accessory Bug, Saks Fifth Avenue,

Black Halo Dress $370

Premise Dress $285

Tadashi Gown $395

Juicy Couture $158

Christian Louboutin $575

Accessory Bug, $46.99 ( Visit and find this bag at Accessory Bug )
Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look: Red and Black

Here's a really dramatic look-it'd be great for halloween or a costume party, or you could wear it out if you're quite daring:-)

Hope you like it!



Products Used:

For Eyes
MAC Paint Pot- Painterly
MAC Pigment in Basic Red (In the inner half of lid)
MAC Black Tied (On the outter corner, winged out quite a bit)
MAC Blacktrack

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Common Makeup Mistakes

There are still alot of makeup mistakes that happen every day among women of all ages. Here are some of the more common mistakes and how to correct them!

1) The Wrong Color Foundation-This can be one of the most difficult products to get right, especially for women of color. You may have a hard time finding the right match at your local drugstore and even the employees at high end makeup counters or stores may not match you correctly (I have had this happen and seen it happen with some of my family members).
You want your foundation to match your skin perfectly so you can't see it on your skin. You (Or an employee) may need to mix colors to find your perfect match-but don't be talked into anything you're not completely happy with! Don't be afraid to visit several different stores and counters and try different drugstore brands. You also may need to change your foundation for summer/winter.

2) Wrong Color Concealer- People shouldn't be able to tell when you're wearing concealer. It should only be slightly lighter than your skin tone. Not darker or alot lighter! You may need to change this with the seasons as well.

3) Matching Makeup to Your Outfit-This can be done well at times but if you're a bit of a makeup novice, it can look boring or dated.

4) Visible Lip Liner- Lip Liner should match your lip color or the color of your lipstick you've chosen, not lighter or darker!

5) Too Much Blush or Stripey Blush-It's important to use the most flattering shades for your skin tone. Fair and ivory skin tones look great with soft pink blushes. Olive skin tones look good with tawny or bronze blushes. If you have ebony skin tone or dark/tan tones look great with reddish blushes or apricot shades.

You also never want to wear too much blush or blush that is "unblended". Don't apply blush so it's a stripe or a circle. Blend from the apples of your cheeks up along your cheekbones lightly.

Looks: Retro-40/50s Inspired

This look will have a tutorial posted on my Old Hollywood Style Blog tomorrow so make sure to check that out. This is a really pretty, simple, yet ultra glamorous look! All products used and steps will be posted on Old Hollywood Style.

Here's the look for the eyes:

Here's the look for the Lips:
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check Out My New Blog!

So, I decided to start a "sister blog" of sorts for A Little More Beautiful. This one is called "Old Hollywood Style" and it's entirely about vintage fashions, old hollywood glamour, and vintage beauty. It will have all sorts of things like how to get a great vintage look, great vintage and vintage inspired clothes/accessories, vintage beauty tips, tutorials, everything under the sun to help you get your unique vintage look! I hope you check it out and let me know what you think!

Old Hollywood Style

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Silk Scarves

Silk scarves may seem old fashioned to some, but they're being seen all over the fashion this fall and have always been an item in many fashionable women's wardrobes.
They're also a very nice way to get a designer piece for a smaller price tag.

There are some really beautiful designs and they don't even have to be silk, they can be some other fabric, it doesn't take away from the lovely look. You can tie them at your neck and wear it like you would wear jewelry or wear it on your head as a head wrap when having a bad hair day or wear it as a pretty head band. You could also tie it to your handbag to brighten up your look and add more visual interest to your whole outfit.

Some of the best scarves are made by: Hermes, Emilio Pucci, Gucci, Burberry, and Moschino.

Other great brands are: Juicy Couture and Ed Hardy have some great rocker girl designs. Coach has some beautiful scarves in pretty colors with their signature as the design.

Check out these stores for these great scarves: Coach, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nordstroms

The scarf pictures above is by Coach and is a steal at $48. I absolutely love the pink one!
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Shopping Trip

I went on a day long shopping trip and saw alot of amazing things! I could've broken the bank but I was good, hehe. I did end up getting a nice little haul at the MAC store. I bought 4 eyeshadows (Mulch, Satellite Dreams, Carbon, Star Violet) a lipstick (MAC Red), and a pro palette. I'll probably post pictures later for you guys, but I absolutely fell in love with a gorgeous bag from Coach.

It's $458 (www.coach.com) and I didn't end up coming home with it but I'll probably put away some money the next few weeks and get it. I absolutely love it and it's more beautiful in person.

The Coach shop also had really gorgeous jewelry that I loved. I really like nature inspired jewelry and they had pretty pieces along those lines.
Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own!

(This gorgeous pearl necklace can be found at Pure Pearls (www.purepearls.com) for $520.00.)

Jewelry should be a part of every woman's wardrobe, but there are some pieces that most fashionistas agree are absolute must haves! Here are those picks:

1)Pearls- A beautiful pearl necklace is a classic, you can never go wrong wearing a strand of pearls like the beautiful ones in the above photo.

2)Diamond Studs- Real or Fake, they go with anything and are, again, a classic.

3)Bangles- Bangle bracelets are fun and sexy. They can bring a dull outfit to life. Wear multiple bangles at a time for added drama.

4)Cocktail Ring- These can be a major style statement. There are so many to choose from but over sized rings are especially glamorous.

5)Layered Chains- Chains in silver or gold (Preferably dainty-to medium sized-not too big and chunky)that can be worn in multiples. Or long chains you can double around your neck work well.

6)Classic Watch- Men's style watches are a classic and great option for ladies.

7)Charm Bracelet- In gold or silver, this piece can tell your personal story. Choose charms that have meaning to you and this could be something special you pass down to your daughter, granddaughter, etc....Something they will cherish forever.

8)Pendant Necklace- This is another classic piece-a pretty cross, heart or other symbol on a delicate chain is a lovely decoration. In gold or silver, this can also hold great meaning to it's wearer.

So, there are some of the classic jewelry pieces that you can't go wrong having in your own jewelry wardrobe! I guarantee if you own these pieces, you will most certainly get alot of use out of them.
There are great picks to build your jewelry wardrobe-so keep a look out next shopping trip!
Friday, September 12, 2008

Looks: Smokey Eyes and Pink Lips

This post is a bit different than tutorial posts and I'll do a few of these as well. I'm just going to show you different looks and tell you what products I used and briefly how they were used. So, for those of you who want to try this look, all the info is here and if anyone wants or needs any kind of help with recreating this, let me know, you can e-mail me at brittyb87@gmail.com or comment and I'll be glad to help and if enough people want a more detailed how-to type of thing, I'll do a tutorial. I *will* be doing more tutorials still as well as "Looks". Anyway, check it out, hope you like it:-)

What I used:

Face: MAC Studio Fix Foundation
MAC Select coverup concealer
MAC Blot Powder
MAC Powder Blush, Blooming

MAC painterly Paint Pot (From Lashline to brow and along lower lashline)
MAC eyeshadow, Electra (from lashine all the way to underneath brow).
MAC Eyeshadow, Knight Divine (In crease and outter v)
MAC Eyeshadow, Black Tied (To intensify the crease and outter v a bit, as well as smudging it under lashling a little)
MAC Fluidline, Blacktrack (Just on the upper lashline, winging it out a bit)
MAC Technakohl liner, Graphblack (On lower lashline and waterline)
Lancome Definicils Mascara, Black (On upper and lower lashes)

Lips: MAC Lipstick, Lovelorn

MAC Eyeshadows- $14.50
MAC Paint Pots- $16.50
MAC Fluidline- $15.00
MAC Technakohl- $14.50
MAC Studio Fix Foundation- $26.00
MAC Select Cover Up- $15.50
MAC Blot Powder- $21.00
MAC Lipstick- $14.00
MAC Blush- $18.00
Lancome Definicils Mascara- $24.00

Check out MAC Cosmetics (www.maccosmetics.com) and Lancome (www.lancome-usa.com) for all the products used for this look. Hope you enjoy it:-)
Thursday, September 11, 2008

How To Wear Red Lipstick?

Every woman should own a tube of red lipstick! In my opinions, it's an absolute beauty must have! It's the ultimate old Hollywood glamour accessory. Red lipstick is sexy and attention grabbing. Not only does it grab attention it holds and keeps it!

Generally, ladies with fair skin look their very best in lipsticks with blue undertones. Olive/medium skin tones look great in orange or brown undertoned reds. Dark skin tones look great in bright pinky-reds. This isn't absolute for everyone. The best advice I can give you is to check out a few different makeup counters and ask them to help you find the perfect red-you won't regret it!

Another important thing to remember about wearing red lipstick is to keep all other makeup to a minimum. Smokey eyes or heavy blush with red lipstick isn't going to send a message you want to send.

Red lipstick can be tough to apply so you'll want to take your time with it. I find it's easiest to use a small, precise lip brush.

Here are some tips to help you out when applying your perfect red:

-Make sure you start with nice, smooth moisturized lips-you may want to exfoliate your lips before applying red lipstick (You can do this with a clean toothbrush by gently brushing your lips) As well as applying some balm and letting that set for a while.

-Dab a small amount of foundation or concealer on your lips and rub it in well.

-Next, you'll want to line your lips with lip liner, staying in the natural line of your lips. You can use a lip liner that matches your chosen lipstick.

-Using your lip brush, apply an even coat of lipstick.

-Blot with a tissue.

-Apply a second coat if desired.

So go ahead, ladies! It's the perfect time to find your very best shade of red!

Here are some of my favorite picks:

Fair Skin:
Clinique in Angel Red, $14. MAC Red, $14

Olive Skin/medium skin:Kat Von D's Lipstick in Underage Red, $18. MAC Lipstick in Lady Danger, $14. MAC Lipstick in Chili, $14.

Dark Skin:: MAC Lipstick in Chili, $14. Calvin Klein Lipstick in Sinful, $18.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How to Pull Off Animal Prints?

Animal Print clothing and accessories are bold, sexy, and striking. If you want to stand out in a crowd, a gorgeous animal print piece is the way to go! There are some of us though who aren't brave enough to step out in something as extreme as a fitted leopard print cocktail dress like the one pictures here (Dress by Nicole Miller). That doesn't mean we shouldn't try this great look at all though! Instead of a leopard print dress, why not try a gorgeous print belt, shoe or handbag?

Doing Animal Prints right:

- Keep the rest of your look simple when wearing such a bold piece. Let the animal print be the focus!

- Don't mix prints!

-Don't wear multi-colored animal prints. It's really hard to make pink, blue, green animal prints look good. They usually look cheap and can be rather tacky.

-Wear only one print piece at a time.

- Spending a little more money on animal prints (especially clothing) is a good idea. Some cheaper pieces look-well, cheap!

So go ahead, girls! Be bold, be sexy and step out in some animal print! Show off a bit of your wild side!
Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fragrance Review: Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Ms. Jessica Simpson has come out with a new fragrance called "Fancy". I've been hearing a fair amount of negatives about the name (I'm not particularly bothered by it, myself ) but the fragrance itself is very pleasant.

It's not something that is going to be loved by everyone-it could easily be too sweet for some with it's prominent notes of pear, apricot, caramel, toasted almond, and vanilla. I find this perfume to be pretty, warm, and sweet. In my opinion, it's not overly sweet-I even had my notoriously scent sensitive mom smell it throughout the day on my wrist and she was not bothered by it and actually quite liked it!

Fancy also has some floral notes like gardenia and jasmine which add a nice pretty little touch. This fragrance has pretty good "staying power", it lasts all day so that's definitely a plus if you're considering picking it up.

It's definitely warm and sweet but it isn't going to be for everyone-not that most perfumes are, fragrance is a very personal thing. It wouldn't hurt to test it out though, if your curious. I think it'd be a really pretty fragrance to wear for fall. Well, if you try it and like it, love it, hate it, leave a comment and let me know!

Price: $49-59 for the fragrance and there is body lotion available for $30.

You can find it at Ulta stores and Macy stores.

Focus on Fall: Bright Eye Makeup

Bold, Bright eye shadows for fall and into the winter months can be a pick me up for your whole face when the weather's got you down.

Try shades of purples, yellow golds, blues, greens, pinks-any jewel tones-are especially beautiful. Using these colors just on the lid is very pretty for day, while deepening them with a darker shade of the same color or gray or black in the crease can add drama for a night out.

Pair these shadows with smudged liner in brown, charcoal, or black.

Here are some great colors to try this fall/Winter!

Purple Shadows:
MAC eye shadow- Creme de Violet $14.50
Too Faced- Party girl $17

MAC eye shadow- Bitter $14.50
MAC Pigment- Golden Olive $19.50
Too Faced- Neptune $17
Too Faced- Lucky Charms $17

Yellow Golds:
MAC eye shadow- Chrome Yellow $14.50
MAC Pigment- Golden Lemon $19.50

MAC eye shadow- Electric Eel $14.50
MAC eye shadow- Clarity $14.50
Too Faced- Neptune $17
Too Faced- Skinny Dip $17

MAC eye shadow- Post Haste $14.50
MAC Pigment- Fuchsia $19.50
Too Faced- Mess in a Dress $16
Monday, September 8, 2008

Product Review: MAC Oil Control Lotion

Time for another product review, ladies (and maybe some gents;-)!

I personally have some pretty oily skin, especially in my t-zone, and dry areas around my cheeks and such. So being a big MAC fan, I decided to try the Oil Control Lotion from their Skincare line.

This is the description from the Mac website (www.maccosmetics.com): The ultimate no-shine base for oil control. Natural exfoliants help improve texture and clarity. Lightweight and instantly matte, bonds makeup to the skin for fewer touch-ups. Oil-free hydration with natural colloidal minerals and antioxidants. Formulated to keep skin pH-balanced. Use day or night.

My opinion: I'm in love with this product! My skin has honestly never been better. It doesn't get oily at all an hour after washing and I made sure to use it religiously for a week now to get a good idea of how it works. I can honestly say I don't have a negative thing to say about it! So if any of you guys have oily skin or even combination skin, this is a wonderful product and it really works as it says it does. It's absolutely worth the money!

Price: $28
Sunday, September 7, 2008

Focus on Fall: Belts

A beautiful or unique belt can transform an entire outfit. The belt can be thin, wide, lady-like or rocker tough- any style belt is a definite must have! Wear them with cardigans, dresses, tops and jeans, and jackets! Here are some great picks for this fall season:

1) 2) 3)
4) 5) 6)
7) 8) 9)

1)Banana Republic $55.30
2)Banana Republic $59
3)Urban Outfitters $30
4)Urban Outfitters $68
5)Moss Mills $150
6)Bebe $49
7)Rough Roses $40
8)Michael Kors $27
9)Linea Pelle $105
10)Michael Kors $27
Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beauty Tips

I know there are a never ending supply of beauty tips out there but I thought some of these might be useful to some ladies out there and hopefully you haven't heard them all already! I'm sure you've heard some and probably already do some of them too, but I hope these help some of you! Let me know if you have any specific questions or if a particular tip was useful. You can e-mail me at any time at

1. Switch out your black mascara now and then for a colored one. A dark purple toned mascara will look great on blue or green eyes and a dark navy or dark green for brown eyes.

2. Wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo once every two weeks to get rid of any product buildup that can lead to dull hair.

3. Try gold eyeshadow. There's a shade for almost everyone and it can brighten your whole complexion and bring a glow to your skin.

4. Exfoliate your skin. It reveals glowy, beautiful skin by removing the dead skin cells.

5. Try lining the lower lashline in a color other than black- use a color like brown or charcoal.

6. Switch out your powder blush for a cheek tint. It can give you a natural, dewy flush.

7. Help dry, brittle, overstyled hair by using hair oil. Carol's Daughter Tui Hair Oil is great.

8. Instead of Lipstick and gloss, switch to a tinted lip balm on days you don't feel up to getting fully made up. They're hydrating and pretty. (MAC has fabulous Lip Conditioners in pretty tints.)
Friday, September 5, 2008

Create an Inspiration Board

One of the best things you can do to improve your personal fashion and style is to create an inspiration board. It can also be really fun to do and it can be easily updated. All you need to create a board of your own is a cork board (Of any size, they're pretty inexpensive), push pins, and magazines or clippings of looks, pieces, or people who inspire you! (Some great magazines to check out are Lucky Magazine, Glamour Magazine, and Instyle Magazine.)

When you have these things, flip through the magazines and find things you love. It doesn't have to be things you can afford-this is an inspiration board, not a shopping list. It's supposed to be fun-you may not be able to get the exact piece on your board but you could maybe find something similar.

You can also add lyrics you love, artists, paintings you admire-actors, actresses, or musicians you love-anything and everything that inspires you personally! A good place to hang your inspiration board is in your closet or somewhere in your bedroom, so you can always see it, be inspired and reminded of the things you love.

So have fun and create your own inspiration board! I had a great time making mine and was inspired by so much that I have two! Here's my smaller one:
Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beauty Questions, Answered.

Here are some questions sent in by a couple of readers. I hope they may help you out too:-)If you have any makeup/beauty/style questions, please send them my way at brittyb87@gmail.com.

1. How can I make my eye makeup stay on longer?

Answer: Well, modern makeup is designed to provide longer wear. There are ways to help increase the length of wear too. One of the best ways is to use a primer. So many companies make eye makeup primers as well as foundation primers now, here are some of the brands that I've found work well.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance $17
MAC Paint Pots $16.50
MAC Prep + Prime Eye $16
Laura Geller Eye Spackle $23
Benifit Shadow Base $20

Primers help the shadow adhere to the lid better and keep it from sliding off. It can also help your liner stay put so it's a makeup must have!

2. Is it true you should never line your water line with eyeliner or it'll make your eyes look small?

Answer: Well, this might be something you've been told because I was told this growing up! But the truth is, if you do it right, it can actually look really good. It can accentuate the color of your eyes. If you have very small eyes, it might not be the best place to apply eyeliner, but if you have large eyes or normal eyes, feel free. Just use a liner that is Opthamologist tested.

3. How can I make my cheekbones look higher?

Answer: Okay, this is actually really a simple technique that alot of people either don't know much about or struggle with a bit. You can create gorgeous cheekbones by contouring and highlighting. Choose a powder in a shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone and apply it under your cheekbone. (Make a fishy face and apply the darker shade in the hollow under your cheekbone.)Make sure to blend this well so you don't get an unnatural looking line. After that, apply your regular shade of blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend it up along your cheekbones. Using a light, shimmery powder, highlight your cheekbones by dusting the highlighting powder along the tops of your cheekbones.
Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gorgeous Bags for Under $100

So, are there any ladies out there who don't love bags? I would venture a guess to say there are very few of us who don't! I know that they are one of my absolute favorite fashion accessories that I just couldn't live without. A good thing about bags, too, is that there are now great looking ones for a lower price tag and who wouldn't appreciate that? So, here are some great bags for fall for under $100. I hope you like them!!

Find these at the following online stores:

http://www.stevemadden.com/ or http://www.macys.com/

Target $49

Target $24.99
Steve Madden $78
Handbag Heaven $54
Accessory Bug $33.99
Accessory Bug $56.99
Accessory Bug $55.99
Accessory Bug $57.99
Accessory Bug $51.99
Accessory Bug $36.99