Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Coastal Scents 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette

Let me first start off by saying I hope every body had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!! I hope it was safe and filled with all the happiness and blessings in the world!

Okay, now, I'm sure so many of you have already heard all about the wonders of the Coastal Scents 88 eye shadow palettes but I just had to add my two scents as well. I don't think I could be happier with this palette, I just had to rave! I am among one of the many lovers of this beautiful palette.

Okay, first let's discuss the price- $24.95. You can't really beat that, can you? Not too mention you're getting 88 eye shadows for that price! (They are small but you hardly need to use any product they are SO pigmented!) To break that down for you, you are spending about $0.28 per eyeshadow.

The quality of the product is extremely impressive. They are very vibrant and long wearing when worn with a base. (It is best to wear ANY eyes shadow with a base to prevent creasing and fading, by the way.) The pigmentation is absolutely stunning and every color is beautiful. I really couldn't think of one complaint. I would suggest the Ultra shimmer palette to beginners or makeup artists seeing as it is very versatile and easy to use but high quality product. You can do an endless amount of looks and really have fun experimenting with different colors. Any makeup lover would be crazy about this palette!

The only complaint I could think of would be this: They sell out really quickly!! Check them out here, along with other great palettes and products: Here!!
Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone and their family and loved ones has an amazing holiday and a beautiful New Year! Be safe and be blessed!

God Bless and Much Love,
Miss B
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

TokyoMilk Fragrances

I'm not sure I could say enough about this collection of 18 fragrances! The scents are unique and beautiful, the packing ingenius, and the names are so cute! Let me assure you that there is a scent in this collection by TokyoMilk for everyone! I actually have several favorites that I can't chose between!
Each bottle has a unique and pretty little image on it, they'd look so stunning on any woman's vanity! They hold 1 OZ of fragrance and the price is $28.

My Favorites:

Dead Sexy- Vanilla, exotic woods, white orchid, and ebony.
Lapsang Su Chong- Winter moss, Asuka rose, sandalwood, and black currant.
Let Them Eat Cake- Sugarcane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, and white musk.
French Kiss (Pictured above)- Mandarin, tuberose, gardenia, and vetiver

All 18 wonderful fragrances are available at Beauty Habit !
Friday, December 19, 2008

The Blog "Puckered" Has a Great Contest Going on!

Puckered and myhairstylingtools.com have teamed up to bring you this great competition where you can win a set of Karmin Titanium Hair Irons valued at $99.99.

The Karmin Titanium Hair Irons feature:

Ultra hard, mirror smooth titanium plate surfaces
Negative Ions and Infrared Heat (removes static) for Silky Shiny Hair
Ion field technology (seals in natural oils)
Micro-porous technology (locks in moisture)
Won't damage hair like other straighteners
Unparalleled Infrared heat for deep, long lasting straightness
Micro Chip Temperature Control Infrared Heat, Flash Quick Heating
Variable temperature settings for all hair types. The maxium temperature is 200°C (410°F) , and the minium temperature is 80°C (176°F)
Tangle-free 3 meter, 360° swivel cord.

To win this prize all you have to do is subscribe to Puckered's Blog! Head on over and check it out ladies! Puckered
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check Out the New Skin Care Line, Luxtural!

Luxtural is a newly launched Skin care line that is both natural and luxurious! Their products are the highest of quality and contain only the best ingredients for your skin! Check out more information about their history, philosophy, clinical studies and best of all, their products at their website HERE! Generally, high end skin care products are pretty pricey (Just look at La Mer products, for instance) so don't suffer from sticker shock!

Pictured Above: Luxtural's Ultimate Experience
Buy all 3 of Luxtural’s unique products and receive the LUXTURAL™ ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE. Start your ultimate experience with Mystique Fountain, a superb hydrator for any skin type. It tones, calms, cools and refreshes your skin, naturally protecting it from environmental damage and reduces inflammation, preparing your skin for Luxtural’s moisturizer, Silk Premonition. Extremely effective at giving you’re skin both the benefit of Luxtural’s long lasting deep hydration properties, and its highly advanced anti-aging benefits. Sophisticated Veil completes your LUXTURAL™ ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE. As its name implies, our unique serum gently wraps your skin in a nourishing “veil” that is shear, breathable and very protective. Sophisticated Veil helps prevent your skin from the loss of hydration, instantly giving it the most amazing “lifted” and brightened appearance, leaving your skin smoother and softer to the touch. *All LUXTURAL™ formulas are patent pending.

Facial Deep Hydrating Rainy Mist
3.4 fl.oz/ 100ml

Facial Deep Moisturizing Anti-Aging Lotion.
1.35 fl.oz/40 ml

Facial Anti-Aging Deep Moisturizing Serum.
1.2 fl.oz/ 35 ml

Price: $414.00

Here's what they have to say about what Luxtural can do for you!:

"The Luxtural™ product line is elegant, making your skin look glamorous, rejuvenated, feeling soft, smooth and healthy. It is light on your skin, quick absorbing, free from parabens, mineral oils, and synthetic fragrances.

In clinical testing, Luxtural raised the skin’s hydration level 120% - after 5 minutes - and kept an impressive 81% more hydration in the skin - 6 hours after application. Very significant! Roughness of the skin… was improved up to a maximum of 48%, after one application.

We chose, for you, airless pump containers, with a rich and luxurious look that enhances the entire Luxtural™ experience.

These special products were created – with great care, innovation and love – from pure pacific ocean rain, exotic extracts, microencapsulated anti-aging distinctive components, and other superior natural ingredients!"

Sound great to you? It does to me! Head on over and find out more! Luxtural!
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Inspirational Beauty/Style Quotes!

I sometimes like to hear/read inspirational quotes about things I'm interested, including beauty and style! So I decided to put together some and share them with my readers! I hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to the wonderful Holidays and an exciting New Year!

- "Fashion fades, style is eternal." Coco Chanel

- "Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest." Christian Dior

- "One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art." Oscar Wilde

- "Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful." Sophia Loren

- "Makeup is a powerful way to effectively reveal something unique about your inner self." James Kaliardos

- “Children often associate ugliness with nastyness and beauty with kindness. I am like them . And I spend my life trying to make our world more beautiful, because more susceptible to make its people happy .” Andrea Branzi

- "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." Confucius

- "Know, first, who you are; and then adorn yourself accordingly." Epictetus

- "Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." Coco Chanel

I hope you enjoyed these quotes, I've always really loved them and got alot of inspiration out of them so I hope they do the same for you! Thanks so much for reading and subscribing!
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jewelry Designer: Natalia Brilli

I've really fallen hard for this jewelry designer, Natalia Brilli. Her pieces are truly unique. Her pieces include leather pendants and leather covered pearls which gives the very feminine classic a really awesome edge. I especially love the leather horse head pendant on the long leather cord pictured above. It would be an amazing piece to wear alone or to layer with silver or gold chains.

Materials: Black Lambskin Leather
Date: Contemporary
Size: 76 inches
Description: Natalia Brilli's signature piece: a long string of pearls covered in soft leather and tied with a bow. Feminine with an edge.

Price: $375.00

Materials: Black Lambskin Leather
Date: Contemporary
Size: 2.5 inch drop, 28" long
Description: A horse head pendant, beautifully wrapped in soft black leather by Belgian designer Natalia Brilli. Strung on black leather cord. Suitable for a man or a woman.

Price: $175.00

Check out more of Natalia Brilli's gorgeous designs HERE!
Thursday, December 11, 2008

Makeup Forever 30 Color Palette

Make Up Forever is a top notch cosmetic brand and they have a new Limited Edition Palette! What an amazing gift this would make but it would also be an incredible gift for yourself;-) It's pricey but it's a great brand and I'm sure any makeup lover would get plenty of use out of these gorgeous colors. If you can afford it, it'd definitely be worth looking into!

Here's some Information:
Dany Sanz Limited Edition Palette ($640 Value)

What it is:
A professional palette created and signed by Dany Sanz, Creator and Artistic Director of MAKE UP FOR EVER.

What it does:

MAKE UP FOR EVER Dany Sanz Limited Edition Palette is a blockbuster-sized palette containing 30 eyeshadows and blushes picked out by Dany Sanz herself. The 30 shades of long-lasting, high-pigmented eyeshadows and blushes allow you to create every look in the book.

What else you need to know:
This Sephora-exclusive, limited-edition palette contains:
- 20 eyeshadows and blushes
- 10 diamond shadows


Available at: Sephora
Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Suggested Expiration Dates for Your Makeup

I've gotten a few e-mails asking about this topic because there are some differing opinions and advice out there about the shelf life of your makeup. I know that can get pretty confusing. I like to play it pretty safe with my makeup so here are my expiration date suggestions:

(Note: Some products have the shelf life written on the box the product comes in so check your boxes when buying a new product.)

Foundation: 12 Months
Concealer: 12 Months
Face Powder: 12 Months
Powder or Cream Blush: 12 Months
Eye Shadow (powder): 12-24 Months
Eye Liner: 12-24 Months (Try to sharpen pencils often.)
Mascara: 6 Months
Lipstick: 24 Months
Lip Liner: 12-24 Months

Brushes: Make sure to wipe your brushes clean of product after every use and wash them with a brush cleaner every week. This will ensure you get the longest life out of your brushes and make sure they are in good condition for best results in your makeup application.

Remember if any of your products look or smell funny, get rid of them and replace them with a new product.
Saturday, December 6, 2008

Look: Purple/ Cranberry/ Pinkish

I really am not sure what to classify the colors under,LOL, but anyway, here's the look. I hope you enjoy it and if anyone wants a tutorial, pleasssse just leave me an e-mail or a comment:-) Hope you like it!

Taken in regular, indoor light:

Taken in Natural Light:

Products Used:
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow on brow bone
MAC Hepcat Eyeshadow on lid
MAC Star Violet Eyeshadow in crease
Dior Diorshow Mascara
MAC Technakohl eyeliner in Graphblack

Let me know what you think! Have a great day and thanks so much for reading and don't forget to subscribe!
Thursday, December 4, 2008

TINte Cosmetics

Check out these adorable Vintage TINte Cosmetic Lip Colors. There are seven flavors and colors all together in adorable little tins. They're just like the little Lip Color tins girls used in the 1970s.

Here are the descriptions: Our creamy silky texture is enhanced with Shea butter and vitamin enriched minerals and makes for a soft succulent smooch and our flavor and scent ensure you won't be forgotten!

The Flavors/Colors:
Blackberry Jam
Bubble Gum (Shown in the picture above)
Cream Soda
Miss Pepper
Peaches and Cream
Root Beer

They are $14 each and available HERE!

Make sure to check out there other great products like their Beauty Kits and Match Books.

I love the Smokey Eyes Match Book for $28 shown below here:

Visit their website HERE!
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Are YOU a Stila Girl!?

I am a big fan of Stila Cosmetics. I think they have some really great products- I love their adorable quads. Anyway, if you love Stila you should go check out their Stila Girl of the week page on their website. You send them a little story of how and why you came to love their products and send them a picture of you wearing your Stila makeup and maybe a picture of your Stila Makeup collection and they might pick you to be their Stila Girl of the week!! They'll put your picture and story up on their website and you get a $100 Gift Card! How great is that!

So if you love Stila, send in your story and pictures to become a Stila Girl of the Week! Check out the details Here!

While you're over there, you might want to do a little Christmas shopping for the Stila girls in your life! I know some Stila is on my Christmas list!!!
Monday, December 1, 2008

Product Review: Chapstick True Shimmers

Chapstick True Shimmers are a pretty way to keep your lips soft and smooth during the Winter months. They smell pretty, come in several different shades and flavors and are very inexpensive! They are about $2.50 each (my little sister has all of them and we certainly get alot of use out of them!) They're available at Walmarts and drugstores so check them out.

The 4 different types are:

Peppermint Rush
Botanical Berry
Berry Sherbet

They're a great chapstick to have in your purse during the winter. So check them out when you get the chance. Thanks for reading and Have a great day!
Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Amazing Kits!

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving!!! I hope everyone is having a great holiday!!

So, I'm in love again. This time it's with these amazing kits from NYX Cosmetics. What a great kit to have if you're a makeup artist or just a total beauty junkie! NYX makeup is great quality but also very affordable which is a big bonus. I know there are alot of NYX lovers out there. I really love the pretty packaging as well. Anyway, these kits are packed full of amazing stuff-it's basically a treasure chest full of amazing makeup. A perfect thing for any makeup artist or makeup junkie to own!

Makeup Artist Starter Kit - A

Description: From eyeshadows to concealers to brushes, NYX’s starter kit is every makeup artists' dream! It's perfect for those who are just starting in the business and need a jumpstart gathering their equipment or it’s a necessary and useful addition to any collection.

• Eyeshadows
• Lipsticks and lip glosses
• Concealers
• Brushes and sponges
• Pencils
• Face and body powder
• And much, much more!

Price: $603.60

Makeup Artist Starter Kit - B

Description: Need to start building your tool kit but don’t know where to start and are limited on funds? Here is your solution. This makeup kit has everything you need to get the job done and it comes with a stylish professional makeup case. Here are all the products you need to create a beautifully finished look.

Price: $300

See all the colors included in these kits and check out all the other great NYX products Here!

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!
Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MAC Collection: Monogram

Another New MAC Collection- aren't we so lucky? The colors look beautiful and the gold packaging is really gorgeous. These would be amazing gifts for a beauty lover in your life! Make sure to check out the whole collection at MAC! Here's a little sneak peak:

Collection Description:Your personal statement of the Holiday season. A collection of such creamy, high-prestige shades and luxurious fragrance, they make their own distinguished look and marque. In the fashionable world, this is the only signature you need...

Description: Exclusive to the Monogram collection. Luxuriously smooth to apply a medium buildable finish. Brings an opulent satiny shine to the lip. High-comfort. With its gold case, red dégradé overspray and M∙A∙C monogram, make this unmistakably one of a kind. Wear alone or pair with Monogram Lipglass. Limited edition

Price: $22

Description: Exclusive to the Monogram collection. Provides a slick shine with high-comfort wear. Lips feel soft and look lustrous. Applies with a doe-foot applicator. Its gold cap features the red dégradé overspray and M∙A∙C monogram of this limited-edition collection. Wear alone or paired with Monogram Lipstick. Limited edition.

Price: $22
Saturday, November 22, 2008

Love Collection

The Love Collection is a very high quality jewelry line made in memory of Queen front man Freddie Mercury. A portion of proceeds go to Pheonix Mercury Trust for AIDs Awareness. Just another way to spread the love this holiday season. Check out the rest of the collection Here.

Description: Capture the essence of Freddie with this versatile, sexy and fabulous 925 silver and leather bracelet. Featuring the word "LOVE" engraved in pink enamel, this bracelet celebrates his universal message of love - in style; the letter "O" is fashioned from a patented stunning double trillion of two deep purple amethysts totaling 2.00ct. The collection's signature "Made in Heaven" is expertly engraved on this bracelet.


This post is dedicated to my beautiful sister, Erika....

and to the great man who's inspired her so much, Freddie Mercury.
RIP, Freddie: 5 September 1946 – 24 November 1991

"Those were the days of our lives
The bad things in life were so few
Those days are all gone now but one thing is true
When I look and I find I still love you"
- Queen
Friday, November 21, 2008

Great Holiday Gifts Part II

More great gifts for the beauty obsessed! I think these amazing collections and palettes would make an incredible gift for any girl who loves beauty! If you have a cosmetic loving friend who's hard to buy for, these would certainly impress her! I know you'll love these as much as I do!

The Quickie Chronicles Mini Collection ($121 Value)

What it is:

A set of eight pocket-sized palettes for eyes, cheeks, and lips.

What it does:
Too Faced The Quickie Chronicles Mini Collection contains eight mini compacts that meet all of your beauty needs. Streamline your routine with these portable palettes that let you play with all your favorite Too Faced products. On the compacts, Too Faced has vintage pictures of Hollywood Pinup Girls for a touch of whimsy and inspiration.

What else you need to know:
The set includes the following eight beauty book palettes: The Temptress, The Plaything of Passion, The Cupcake, The Starlette, 10 Year Anniversary, The Sure Thing, The Beach Bunny, and The Summer Lover.

Price: $59.10

Available at Sephora

Book Of Shadows Palette

What it is:
A palette of sixteen eyeshadows: eight best-sellers and eight exclusive new shades found only in this palette.

What it does:
Urban Decay Book of Shadows Palette is the largest (and most unique) palette Urban Decay has ever offered. Nestled inside a pull-out drawer, there are sixteen eyeshadows, two premium brushes, and a travel-size Eyeshadow Primer Potion. There's also a large mirrored vanity, framed by one-of-a-kind 3D pop-ups of Urban Decay graphics: birds, skulls, and flowers spring forward against a backdrop of flourishes, jewels, and butterflies.

What else you need to know:
This palette contains Perversion (matte black), Last Call (plum punch), Grifter (sheer lavender with lots of silver microglitter), Mayhem (deep purple), Baked (rich bronze), Smog (deep coppery bronze), Sidecar (bronze sparkle), Gridlock (medium brown), Shakedown (shimmering taupe), Roach (deep brown with reddish sheen), Scandal (peachy-pink), Midnight Cowboy (golden beige with gold glitter), Goddess (midnight blue with lots of electric blue microglitter), Shattered (bright green/blue shift), Absinthe (electric green), Protest (dark green).

Price: $45

Also Available at Sephora!

I know my sister would love the Urban Decay Book of Shadows so it's on my shopping list! I hope you enjoyed these gift ideas and I'll be adding more later, with some great fashion lover gifts! Enjoy and thanks for reading!
Monday, November 17, 2008

MAC Face Charts: Red She Said- Which is Your Favorite?

I've posted about the Red She Said collection earlier on and since the Holiday season is upon us, it is the perfect collection to create a gorgeous makeup look for the Holidays! So my question to you guys is-which face chart look from the Red She Said collection is your favorite and which would you most likely try yourself? I'm going to be putting up some great Holiday tutorials so if anyone has any requests, please feel free to let me know! These are a few of my favorites! Check out all the MAC Red She Said Collection Looks here: MAC Cosmetics Looks


"Red" She Said

Soft Pause

Love Alert

So comment and let me know what looks you love and what looks you would do yourself or already have tried yourself and please send tutorial request my way as well!
Friday, November 14, 2008

Check out this Great Contest!

So, Silver Treats is having an awesome jewelry giveaway that you definately need to check out! They're giving away Jewelry sets for the 12 days of Christmas! How cute! Head on over and sign up to win! It's quick, easy and they have some great stuff! It'd also be a great place to get some Christmas gifts for the fashion lovers in your life!

Silver Treats

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Great Gifts for the Beauty Obsessed!

There are so many amazing gifts available for the beauty/fashion obsessed among us! Since the holidays are coming up, I decided I'll be doing some posts on some great gift ideas to make shopping a little easier! These two great gift ideas featured in this post are two things I know that as a beauty obsessed girl, I would love to have! I know there are plenty of ladies out there who will agree with me, which makes them both amazing gifts! The only challenge is- not keeping them for yourself!

Smashbox Ultimate Beauty Palette

Price: $59

The ultimate holiday must-have with over 100 shades for eyes, cheeks and lips plus 4 essential brushes. This immense makeup palette puts every product a girl could ever want or need at your fingertips. It’s perfect for travel or for everyday beauty. And, the price is so sweet, you can give one as a gift and keep one for yourself! Also availalbe exclusively at all Ulta stores.


Tarte: The Vanity Limited Edition Palette

Price: $52

Tarte The Vanity Limited-Edition Palette is packed with everything you need to create endless makeup looks. As a follow up to last years' best-selling 'we wish you wealth' palette this limited-edition beauty treasure chest is back and better then ever! In addition to eyeshadows, lip glosses, and brushes galore, this year's kit also includes deluxe sizes of Tarte's best-selling Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara and Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess. All products are loaded with skinvigorating™ ingredients: vitamin E, beeswax, rice bran wax, carnauba wax, and mineral pigments. Available at Sephora Stores.

This set features:
- 16 brand-new eyeshadows
- 16 brand-new lipglosses
- Deluxe Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara
- Deluxe Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess
- Deluxe luminizer
- Four powder blushes
- Deluxe eyeshadow
- Eyelining brushes
Monday, November 10, 2008

Personal Style: Sexy Siren/Bombshell

The Sexy Bombshell look is all about glamour and femininity, with a healthy dose of sex appeal. This look is heavily influences by the style and starlets of the 1950s. The focus of the sexy siren/bombshell look is all about shape- curve hugging and curve enhancing fashions. The Bombshell is sexy and she knows it! The Siren dresses up because she wants to and not because she has too. Every day is an occasion to feel and look her best. This look is also saturated with luxury- diamonds are a girls best friend, after all!


From Left to Right:
Top Row: Dita Von Teese, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe
Bottom Row: Sophia Loren, Scarlett Johannsen, and Bridgette Bardot.

Key Pieces and Details: Pencil Skirts, A-line Skirts, High waisted skirts and trousers, Corset Tops, Belted/Cinched Waists, Tea Length and Knee Length hemlines, Wrap Dresses, Fitted and A-Line Dresses, Peep Toe Heels, Polka Dots, Lace, Red, Red, Red!, Patent Leather, Red Lipstick, False Lashes, Diamonds, Sparkle!

Here are some great pieces to give you some ideas!:

1) Catherine Malandrino Belted Pencil Skirt, $325, Saks Fifth Avenue
2) Dior A-Line Skirt, $890, Saks Fifth Avenue
3) Donna Karan Trousers, $477, Saks Fifth Avenue
4) Donna Karan Low Back Sequin Dress, $1,995, Saks Fifth Avenue
5) Stop Staring Heather Dress, $99.95, DaddyO's
6) Strop Staring Fitted Katrina Dress, $150, DaddyO's
7) Stop Staring Monica Dress, $95, DaddyO's
8) Stop Staring Red Pencil Skirt, $65, DaddyO's
9) Bettie Page Clothing's Sandy Dress, $139, Pinup Girl Clothing
10) Alec Tie Silk Corset Top, $108, Marciano
11) Sparkle Peep Toe Pump, $219, Bebe
12) Striped Belted Blouse, $22, Charlotte Russe
13) Miss Dior Patent Peep Toe Pump, $590, ELuxury
14) Rocco East West Red Patent Bag, $445, Couture Candy

If this style speaks to you, than you might just be a a Bombshell! So let that inner sexy siren loose and strut your stuff! Enjoy and thank you so much for reading and don't forget to subscribe!
Friday, November 7, 2008

Beauty Obsession: Shu Uemura Palettes

These gorgeous eye shadow palettes are decorated with amazingly gorgeous floral photographs by Mika Ninagawa which I absolutely love! They're so artistic and beautiful, the packaging alone makes them appealing. Open up these three different thin palettes and you see 7 gorgeous eyeshadow shades ranging from metallic shades to bright, vivid colors. All palettes also include a rich, easy to use cream eyeliner and a double ended brush. Shu Uemura has fantastic quality cosmetics and these shadows are no exception. They are completely wearable and will really add to your makeup collection. They are $65 each, but well worth the price tag. I'm in love!


Description: Express yourself with this limited-edition eye color palette in Secret Luscious Rose. The subtle combination of dusty rose shades express elegance and mystery.
This palette includes seven pressed eye shadows and one easy to spread cream liner. A double ended applicator (sponge tip and eyeliner brush) is also included.


Description: Express yourself with this limited-edition eye color palette in Adorned Marguerite. These vivid colors create a sweet and innocent makeup look.
This palette includes seven pressed eye shadows and one easy to spread cream liner. A double ended applicator (sponge tip and eyeliner brush) is also included.


Description: Express yourself with this limited-edition eye color palette in Midnight Winter Sakura. These deep strong colors create a glamorous and feminine impression.
This palette includes seven pressed eye shadows and one easy to spread cream liner. A double ended applicator (sponge tip and eyeliner brush) is also included.

These palettes would be amazing gifts for any beauty lover and they are limited edition so snatch them up for Christmas gifts or maybe a gift for yourself:-) Check them out at Shu Uemura