Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Blog and New Giveaway!

Hey guys! I have been working on a passion project for some time now-a new lifestyle blog. Sicne my life has changed so much since starting "A Little More Beautiful" I thought I needed a website to encompass all my life changes and new interests. I won't be shutting this blog down or anything, I don't think-I just wanted something more suitable to my new life!

This blog is one I have worked very hard to get just right-it's not perfect yet but it is a labor of love. It will include Fashion and Beauty-tips, tutorials and more, as well as Decor, Entertainment, DIY projects, and Love & Marriage related topics. There is going to be a ton of fun and exciting things happening!

Being newly married, I thought it would be helpful to other young married or soon-to-be couples to include some of the struggles we faced on our road to marriage and our married journey!

I would love for you to check it out! I am currently hosting an awesome giveaway! As a little Christmas present and a "Grand Opening" special gift, I am giving away a $25 Macy's Gift Card! You can enter the GIVEAWAY HERE!

Please feel free to visit! Again, I want to say thank you for your continued support and every visitor, every reader means so much to me! So than YOU from the bottom of my heart!

Check Out the new blog here: The Splendid Life of an Outlaw's Wife !!


Unknown said...

Now, this seems to me like a complete great deal of work. But, allow's confront it, most most likely will want to be carried out, and once more, most probably, will consider you hours to full.