Saturday, September 28, 2013 15 Best Concealers

Consider the concealer your secret weapon for faking flawless skin

15 Best Concealers

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A concealer can be your best friend -- or your worst enemy. Depending on what you use, a concealer will either blend flawlessly to cover up your imperfections, or highlight the very thing you were trying to hide. Make sure yours falls into the former camp by using one from our list of the 15 best concealers.

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NO. 15: TOO FACED ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS CONCEALER, $20 average reader rating: 9.0

One reader called this the "holy grail concealer" because of its "amazing coverage."

NO. 14: CLINIQUE ADVANCED CONCEALER, $16.50 average reader rating: 9.0

"I've been using this for years and there simply isn't a better concealer out there."

NO. 13: CLINIQUE CONTINUOUS COVERAGE SPF 15, $24 average reader rating: 9.0

"I have been using this product for 26 years, and I will continue to use it. The finish is smooth and clean, coverage is great, it hides all your problem areas, and it lasts a long time."

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