Friday, December 30, 2011

Stay Smooth this Party Season

How many women forget about shaving during the winter? Who hasn't been guilty of that!? Sometimes, when it's snowy and cold, the last thing on our minds is keeping our legs smooth and hair free. But let's face it ladies....hairy legs is not usually such a good look when attending a Holiday party in a short little cocktail dress. It never hurts to keep smooth if you have to head to a party last minute or to keep turning your man's head!

I recently had the opportunity to review the Quattro for Women two in one Bikini Trimmer and razor as well as the Disposable Razors. The disposable razors were simple but handy. They were gentle and provided a nice close shave and the blades stayed nice and sharp and I had zero cuts. They are also super handy to travel with and definitely do their job. I loved these disposable razors with the Skintimate Moisturizing Cream Shave with Exfoliating Pearls and Verbena.

I absolutely love the bikini Trimmer. The comb is adjustable to three different lengths and the razor is a 4 blade razor so it provides a nice close shave. It's powered by an AAA battery and turns on with a press of a button. Very fool proof and easy to use. It'd be an excellent tool for anyone just starting out with cleaning up that bikini line. It makes the whole process much quicker and simpler. It may not be bikini season quite yet but it's always good to be prepared! ;-)