Saturday, July 9, 2011

MAC Semi Precious Haul/Swatches

Hello again! Why did this collection have to come out right before I go on vacation? So much for saving all my cash for my trip:-/ Haha. Anyway I just wanted to share some swatches and thoughts with you- Here's what I ended up with!

Lush Amber- Very nude, very natural, slightly sheer. This one is really wearable.
Gem of Roses- Super wearable-I got this one specifically for my best friend's wedding. It will be the perfect color for her to wear on her wedding day! It's a lovely pinkish-rose color, not sheer but not entirely opaque either.
Musky Amethyst- A dark plum/ruby color with a nice shimmer to it. Semi-opaque-this one is a bit tougher to apply evenly.

Golden Gaze- This color is really beautiful-it was the only one I was absolutely sure I wanted when I saw some of Temptalia's swatches. I actually found this really easy to work with and it goes on quite smoothly. You don't need to work to hard to get it to show up it's quite pigmented. It's a really deep gold with a black base.
Smoked Ruby- This is a lovely deep red with a black base. I swatched this one in store and really liked the consistency. It goes on smoothly and is nicely pigmented.
Dark Indulgence- This one goes on smoothly and is a really pretty dark emerald green with a black base. I found all three of these shadows the easiest to work with.

Pearl- this makes a really lovely highlight. Very smooth and shimmery but not "glittery". The color is closer to a champagne color and the inner part has some plum, white and bronze in it. It's really pretty blended together and I think would work nicely as a blush for fair people (Or translucent people-like me! haha)
Rose Quartz- This one is a lovely rosy, pinky, peach color with the inner circle made up of some silver, pink, lime and copper. I love this one for a subtle blush. For whatever reason I hade a hard time getting a good shot of this. I only have my crappy camera with me though so-I'll just blame that! haha but it's quite pretty and wearable when seen in person:-)

Golden Gaze, Smoked Ruby, Dark Indulgence

Lush Amber

Gem of Roses

Musky Amethyst

Skinfinish Pearl- outter part, inner circle, blended together

Rose Quartz- Outter, Inner circle, Blended together

So there you have it:-) I'll keep you updated if I decide to pick anything else up but I have a long vacation coming up in just a few days so it's probably unlikely, haha. Let me know if you ended up checking this collection out and what you thought! Did you end up getting anything or did you pass?