Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lush's Mask of Magnaminty Face and Body Mask

This thick, green goop may look unappealing when you first open up the black pot, but once you try it you're bound to fall in love. At least I did! It smells fresh and minty (From the peppermint oil in it-hence the name! hehe) but it can be a bit messy to use.

I avoid the mess by applying it right before I shower. I like to gently cleanse my face of any makeup to let the mask really do it's best work. I leave it on for about 15 minutes and then hop in the shower to rinse it off. It makes my skin feel so tingly while it's on and it really is refreshing! You can apply this to your face, neck, chest and back too if you want. My skin feels so fresh and clean after using it. I usually use the mask twice a week.

What I love most about the Mask of Magnaminty is it's all natural. The honey in the mask really softens the skin and the peppermint oil really tones and refreshes the skin. China clay and bentonite gel really deep cleanses and pulls dirt from your pores. Make good use of the ground up aduki beans in this treatment by massaging your skin in circular motions as you rinse it off-this will exfoliate away all those dead skin cells. I feel like this would be a nice pick me up for any skin type.

The Mask of magnaminty really makes my skin look clear, bright and glowy-it's become a must have treatment in my skin regimen and I'm really glad I decided to pick up a pot!

4.40z- $11.75
11.10z- $20.95

Available at: Lush