Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lush Holiday Collection 2010

Nothing says the Holidays like new Lush goodies! (Well, at least in my house! Haha!) I love the Holiday Collections that Lush comes out with every year and this year doesn't look disappointing. There are some old favorites and some really fun looking new products to check out! Here's a little taste of what's available-there's plenty more so head on over to LUSH to check everything out!

Some of the Halloween Goodies available this year (You can check out my review of some of these products that were released last year HERE ):

Ghost Shower Gel
"Let the scent of this beautiful, floral shower gel lessen your fears of the supernatural. Made with rose and dove orchid infusions, Ghost first made an appearance in 2007 and now it's back to haunt us. Translucent, lovely and only around for a moment, Ghost merits a photograph or no one will believe it really existed. All that will remain is soft skin and the fragrance of lilies."
Price: $17.95-26.95

Witches' Ball
"Clear mental blocks with this mystical bubble bar filled with rosemary, sage, peppermint, frankincense, myrrh and benzoin. Deep fuchsia like the very edge of sunset, Witches' Ball is a bewitching mixture studded with star anise seedpods, cloves, blackcurrants and cranberries. Bathe in its brew of essential oils as often as you can before it disappears at the end of the year, making resolutions as you bathe."
Price: $6.95

"Sadly, there isn't any tequila in this brightly coloured bomb but we were sure to fill it up with marigold petals and zesty lime oil to make your bath time festive! Celebrate the season with burst of citrus and massive swirls of oranges, pinks and greens to lift your spirits out of this world."
Price: $5.95

Here's just some of the MANY Christmas/Holiday Goodies available this year! ( You can check out my review of some of these products that were released last year HERE )

"For the softest, creamiest, most luxurious suds imaginable, grab a great big slice of Snowcake and float away on a cloud of almond marzipan and rose absolute. Snowcake smells exactly like our Smitten hand cream, and is an all time holiday favourite among staff and customers alike. It softens and cleans your body and scents it with a long-lasting almond fragrance."
Price: $6.95

Candy Cane
"Be warned: this pink bubbly treat is wickedly tempting for those with a serious sweet tooth. Candy Cane smells like a freshly spun candy-floss cloud sprinkled with icing sugar and bubblegum drops. We know... we're naughty. Bad LUSH!"
Price: $5.95

Li'l LUSH Pud
"The Pud is one of our most soothing Bath Bombs. It's made with aloe vera extract to nurture dry or rough skin and add a brown colour to the little bomb. Powdered lemon peel and clove add both sweetness and spice, giving you the full pudding experience right there in your bathroom."
Price: $3.95

"Fairy godmother, who needs one? Our seasonal best-seller is back, just in time for a happily ever after bath time. Instead of sitting by the fire to warm up this winter, hop in the bath for crackling, warming soak with spicy cinnamon leaf, orange and almond oils. Bathing with Cinders is like falling asleep in front of a log fire and hearing the crackling embers as the snow falls down. Prince Charming not included."
Price: $3.95

Satsumo Santa
"Fans of Saint Nick don't need to impatiently wait out the days at LUSH. Our Satsumo Santa Bath Bomb has refreshing mandarin and bergamot oils to make the dark days seem brighter and orange blossom absolute to send your mind off to warmer lands."
Price: $4.95

Christmas Eve
"When you're too excited to sleep on Christmas Eve, the best thing to do is crumble one of these deeply relaxing jasmine and ylang ylang scented bubble bars into your bath. Sink into the skin softening water (thanks to the Irish moss powder we pop in there) and lie back in clouds of twinkling foam. You'll be sure to have very sweet dreams indeed."
Price: $.6.25

Snow Globe
"When Mark and Mo went to look for Christmas inspiration, they chanced upon a giant snowglobe in the middle of Hyde Park that you could climb inside and be part of a festive scene! Mo was instantly convinced she needed to make an equally spectacular frosty globe of soap, with a refreshing lemon myrtle and grapefruit scent to lift your spirits on a cold dark day. The whole cake looks a beautifully serene snow globe with dots of white ‘snow' throughout. It's a loving nod to a more traditional Christmas this year."
Price: $5.95

"Glogg is a LUSH interpretation of a Swedish spin on festive mulled wine. While it may be tempting to take a swig of our festive shower gel, we recommend you save the warming effects of the organic red wine, brandy and spice oils for the benefit of your body. Winter can put a chill into your bones and leave you with toe-sicles; heat things up, get the circulation going and get into a lather with this instead. Glogg and Cinders are the duo for you if you find the cold of winter difficult to deal with and want to stoke the embers."
Price: $8.95-$24.95

This is only a small glimpse of the huge selection of products available this year:-) Also, be sure to check out the really fantastic gift boxes Lush is offering! Take some time out when you get a chance to browse around the site and see all the goodies available or check out your nearest LUSH!