Saturday, April 24, 2010

TokiDoki Cosmetics

Mischief abounds in the magical world of tokidoki, where one glance is never enough. Creator and Italian artist Simone Legno brings his cult-favorite designs and colorful interpretation of life to a new makeup and accessories line that exposes the criminally cute and irresistibly edgy sides of beauty. Presented exclusively at Sephora, this Japanese-inspired collection captures the true spirit of tokidoki: Every day brings another opportunity to dream.

Brillante Glitter Eyeliner ($14)
A vibrant, glitter-infused eyeliner that makes an irresistibly edgy statement.

Carina- pink beige with gold glitter
Peperoncino- bright candy pink with silver glitter
Unicorno- pale yellow with gold glitter
SANDy- grass green with gold glitter
Liberty- teal with gold glitter
Rondine- turquoise with silver glitter
Skeletro- navy with silver glitter
Rosetta- lilac with gold glitter
Adios Apple- violet with silver glitter
Savana- bronzed chocolate with gold glitter
Marrone- dark brown with gold glitter
Diamante- deep silver with silver glitter
Melodia- dark gunmetal gray with gold glitter
Mozzarella- black with silver glitter

Perfetto Eyeliner ($16)
A waterproof liquid liner with a unique, innovative chisel tip for optimal precision.

Rondine Love- white
Donutella- medium pink
Ciao Ciao- periwinkle
Arlecchino- dark blue
Mostro- spring green
SANDy- dark green
Carina- eggplant
Sabochan- black

Cromatico Eyeshadow ($15)
A bright, high-impact, highly pigmented eyeshadow housed in an iconic compact design featuring tokidoki's signature heart and crossbones.

Adios Star- black with silver and iridescent glitter
Samba- icy gray pearl
Bulletto- dark chocolate with gold pearl
Romeo- rich plum pearl
Killer Candy- royal purple pearl
Nancy Rocks- lavender pearl
Skeletrina- bright cobald pearl
Bruttino- golden turquoise pearl
Bastardino- rich green with green and iridescent glitter
Soya- vivid yellow green pearl
Savana- gold with gold glitter
Ciao Ciao- thistle pink pearl
Diamante- opalescent pink with iridescent glitter
Choco- bronze suntan pearl
Carnivora- ivory beige pearl
Donutella- nude with gold and iridescent glitter

Cromatico Eyeshadow Palettes ($25 each)
A limited-edition eyeshadow palette that allows you to explore both your criminally cute and irresistibly edgy sides.

Diamante- Purples and plums
Bastardino- Smokey Browns, Nudes and earthy tones
Adios- Smokey Silvers and Grays

Fantastico Lip Stain ($15)
A long-lasting lip stain with a soft-tipped marker component for easy application.

Cactus Friends- coral
Carnivora- purple
Nana Star- pink
Peperincino- maroon
Rainbow Cloud- nude

Prisma Lip Gloss ($15)
A sheer, nourishing high-shine gloss with packaging that features characters from magical world of tokidoki.

SANDy- sheer apple green
Ninja Dog- sheer light blue
Devil Girl- sheer red orange
Burger- sheer orange
Monkey Pirate- sheer brown
Donutella- sheer nude
Rocketeer- sheer deep black red
Adios- sheer purple
Diamante Dark- sheer blue pink
Bullets- sheer berry
Rondine Love- sheer dark pink
LA Gun- sheer medium pink
Arlecchino- sheer fuchsia
Samba- sheer peachy pink
Ciao Ciao- sheer light pink
Strawberry Latte- sheer baby pink

Punk Lash Mascara ($18)
A conditioning mascara that volumizes and lengthens lashes with vibrant pigments.

Cactus Rocker- black
Baby Rocker- blue
Mad Rocker- green
Sabochan- purple

Inferno Bronzer ($22)
A shimmering pressed Bronzer

Royal Pride: light/medium with gold shimmer
Diavolina: medium/tan with gold shimmer

Luminosa Powder ($22)
A sheer highlighting powder.

Kabuki Brush ($28)
An oversized makeup brush adorned with tokidoki's cult-favorite designs.

Bellissima Makeup Bags ($20-$42)
Three limited-edition makeup bags designed with custom tokidoki artwork.

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