Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break: Travel in Style

Traveling may be a stressful thought to many but vacations are about comfort, fun and relaxation. Traveling in comfort doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style! Many of us will be hitting the airports on our way to exotic vacation spots, a beach, or perhaps to visit family members elsewhere in the world. When you're spending a lot of time in the airport or in flight, it can be a bit tough to relax. Being stylish while traveling also means being relaxed-being relaxed means being prepared!

I generally bring along my largest handbag. I can fit everything I need into it and have what I need with me at all times. Here are some of the items I always bring along!

1)Travel Size Moisturizer
The recycled air on planes can wreak havoc on your skin-drying it out and leaving it looking and feeling dull. It's a good idea to keep moisturizer on hand to perk skin up.

My Personal Pick: A travel size Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer (You can only get them in the sets they sell and they're in a tube not a little pump bottle like pictured, but the sets are nice to have for travel as well, if you like the Clinique skincare regimens.) This stuff is fantastic for dry or combination skin and mine is generally combination and gets a bit dry on flights. This stuff is perfect to have around when skin becomes uncomfortably parched!

2)-The Bare Beauty Basics
I always like to have a few essentials on hand to apply and fix up a bit just before landing. Here's what I bring:
-A travel sized hair brush
-Lip gloss or Lipstick

3)Sanitizing Hand Wipes
An absolute must. Germs are everywhere and keeping hands clean is a good way to keep healthy. Who wants to be sick on vacation?
My Pick: Purell Sanitizing Hand Wipes
Price: About $5 for a box of 100 packs

This one kind of explains itself...always a good thing to have in your purse, for you or someone around you who might need one!

If you're a nervous flier, it can help ease some of the nervous energy to chew some gum. I personally keep it on hand as a bit of a pick me up as well as to keep my breath fresh.

6)Solid Perfume
This is nice to dab on wrists and neck before landing. Solid perfume tends to be a bit lighter and not so over powering so you're not going to disturb anyone sitting next to you when you apply it.
My Picks: Almost any scent by Pacifica but my favorites are Egyptian Bergamot Rose, French Lilac, Tunisian Jasmine and Vanilla Vera Cruz.

I love these scents-they're gorgeous, light, exotic, feminine and very very vacation-y. They're also super easy to carry around in your purse-no spilling, no messes! Perfect!
Price: $9.00 each

7)Magazine or Book
I'd probably go nuts without being able to flip through something. If I'm not currently reading a book, I've gotta have one of my fashion magazines with me!
My Pick: Lucky Magazine-by far my personal favorite fashion related magazine out there!

8)Sleep Mask
A necessity for me if I'm traveling alone to visit family or friends, especially if it's going to be a longer flight. It's hard to block everything out when on a flight and this is sort of a cue to those around you that you're going to need some time to yourself.

My Pick: Holly GoNightly sleep mask from Fred Flare.
I'm a huge fan of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" so this has been my favorite eye mask since I received it as a gift from a friend. So cute!
Price: $14

9) Music and good quality ear phones
I could never survive a long flight without my music!

My Picks: iPod Touch and Grungebuds by Atomic 9
I've been thrilled with the Ipod Touch my parents got me for Christmas- It's got a ton of storage and a lot of cool Apps you can download and play with. It is an investment though! Definitely not cheap! I'm also crazy about these ear buds from Grungebuds! They're not only incredibly cute and eye catching all covered in Swarovski Crystals (I've gotten countless compliments on them!) but the sound quality is incredible! They are also Noise isolating so they act similarly to earplugs. No more annoying outside noises! They also come with 3 different size ear buds and they come in a bunch of different designs! The ones pictured above are "Crystal- Cat" style in blue! Gorgeous, right?
iPod Touch: Start a $199
Grungebuds: $39.99
Check them out: Grungebuds and Atomic9

I hope these tips will help make your flights and travel a little easier! Most importantly, I hope everyone has a fantastic Spring Break and travel safely!!!

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