Monday, November 9, 2009

Perfect Party Dresses for Your Figure: Full Bust

Shopping (which a lot of us will be doing this time of year!) can be a little bit difficult when you need to find the perfect party dress but are looking to balance out our shape. Most women have a something about their body they aren't crazy about, but the trick is not to cover up what you might consider a "flaw". You just have to know how to flatter what you've got. Here are some style suggestions for women who are a little fuller up top;-)

Some tips on flattering your figure:

-When you have a fuller bust, you have to be sure the garment you choose is well constructed and supportive. Ideally, the dress you'll choose will have fuller straps to provide lift and support your bust.

-Bustier girls should also pick a dress that's going to show off and define your waist.

-A little volume at the hip will balance out your bust and give you a more hour-glass shape.

Some great style options:

Max & Cleo Ruched Jersey Taffeta Party Dress
Price: $168
Available at: Nordstrom

ABS One-Shoulder Metallic Dress
Price: $185
Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue

D&G Stretch Sheath Dress
Price: $475
Available: Saks Fifth Avenue

Moschino Cheap And Chic: Ruched Satin Dress
Price: $695
Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue

ABS Satin Panel Dress
Price: $165
Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue

Remember, these are only a few suggestions! The most important "rule" of style is that YOU feel comfortable and beautiful. That's true beauty and true style. Also, a style that looks right on someone else with a similar shape may not be just right for you, so it's best to give yourself plenty of time and try on plenty of styles!


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