Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lush Holiday Collections: Review and Thoughts

Hi everyone! I recently went shopping and popped into my Lush shop to check out the new Holiday collections. I ended up getting quite a bit of stuff and I was going to do a haul post but I got a bit over excited and used some of the items before I set everything out to get a photo of it, hehehe. My shop didn't have everything I wanted so I ended up ordering some things from the website and they're currently on the way. I wanted to share my thoughts and opinions on what I've tried and a bit about the things I have yet to try. Anyway, let's get to it!

Halloween Collection:

Cobweb Bath Bomb
This is one I used right away because I was very curious about it and really enjoyed the scent. It smelled lavender, chamomile and blackcurrant. It was very pretty and soothing. I was a bit scared there would be plastic spiders in it or something! Ugh! Luckily, there wasn't. It did make the bath water a really unappealing dirty gray color though. I was concerned it'd leave a gross ring around the tub but It wasn't an issue for me personally. I really loved the scent of this bomb and it made my skin feel soft and left it smelling great.

Ghost Shower Gel
I was really surprised when an employee at my LUSH store said she didn't really like this shower gel. I'm literally obsessed with this stuff. I have no idea what makes it so addictive but I am totally addicted to it. I've heard several people say they weren't crazy about it or they didn't love it but this is by far my favorite thing I've tried from my recent shopping trip. The smell is light, floral and gorgeous! It lathers really well and leaves my skin super soft. I also used it on my hair and it makes my hair soft and shiny as well. The one downfall? The scent doesn't stick around as long as I'd like it to. I wish they made a bunch of products in this scent. I bought two bottles but I'm not sure that will last me an entire year....I guess we'll see!

Christmas Collection:

Snowcake Soap
This is a pretty plain looking soap, nothing too fancy about it but it smells amazing- like almond icing. This scent definitely lingers after the shower or bath. If you have a nut allergy though, I'd stray away from this soap. The great employee who helped me out and cut the soap for me explained he actually couldn't touch it without gloves because of his nut allergy. Luckily, I don't have one because I love this soap. Its simple and sweet!

Father Frost Soap
I didn't have any intention of getting this when I browsed the collection online. The picture on the website does not do this soap justice. It is visually beautiful! It is a deep blue color with a gorgeous shimmery white on top. It looks like a snow covered mountain. I seriously would've bought the entire block if I had the money, it looked like a piece of art. Anyway, the scent reminds me of apple's a bit spicy-in a good way, at least to my nose. It's a great soap for Fall and Winter.

Holiday Bubble Bar
This bubble bar is really pretty. It reminds me of the famous ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz...but in bubble bar form! It smells like Roses and Carnations and it sparkles...definitely good to get you in the spirit of Christmas!

Mr. Butterball Bath Bomb
I haven't used this little guy yet but I'm looking forward to! Such a cute idea. This snowman shaped bath bomb smells like Vanilla and has cocoa butter in it so it should leave your skin smelling great as well as feeling super soft-two very good things!

Cinders Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is a bit smaller than the usual sized bombs. I love the spicy/sweet scent of cinnamon and oranges. It's been so cold here that I'll probably use this one really soon since it sounds just perfect for the current weather. It's also supposed to crackle in the bath water to remind you of a fire place. Very cool.

Lil' Lush Pud Bath Bomb
Looks wise, this one might be my favorite bath bomb from the holiday collection. Sooo adorable. I haven't used this one yet either. It's a smaller size to make it a bit more affordable. Apparently, the essential oils they put into this little baby are quite costly. This one smells wonderful...hard to describe but the website says it's fragrance is rose, fresh lemon, and cloves.

That's about it...I did get a few more things but I'll probably post about them a bit later, considering I don't want to make this post super long. Anyway, if you've gone shopping and picked up any of the Lush Holiday collection, I'd love to know what you got, what you like, or what you've tried! Or just tell me if there's anything you'd like to try! I always love hearing your opinions! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!!