Monday, September 14, 2009

Senna Cosmetics: Baby Face 21 Brush

Makeup brushes come in all shapes, sizes, styles and prices. I still meet women who don't even own one brush (which admittedly still shocks me a bit) or only one or two. Personally, I love having quality brushes because I feel they make a big difference in the way your makeup goes on and the way it looks. Sure, there are brushes that are on the market that aren't really necessary (but still may be nice to have).

Senna Cosmetic's Baby Face 21 is an adorable, incredibly soft bristled brush that has several uses. I've played around with it and used it in multiple ways for both the face and eyes.

-One of my favorite uses is applying my highlighting powder with it. It's absolutely perfect for that! It's the perfect size to apply just the right amount along the tops of your cheekbones, bottom of the chin and straight down the nose.

- I also use it to apply blotting powder to my t-zone to ward of shine. It's not big and puffy like alot of "face" brushes so the powder doesn't go everywhere, just where you want it.

- It's also great for applying a light application of blush-especially along the cheekbones!

- This brush is also a good one to apply a base eye shadow or apply a brow highlighter.

- Shadow fall out? Use the Baby Face 21 to sweep it away! It's the perfect size to fit under the eye. Just get some translucent powder on your brush and sweep away any shadow fall out from your under eye area!

The quality of this brush is wonderful! It's soft and gentle and it's going to give you a great finish in whatever you use it for. It's definitely a unique brush and one you'd probably have a hard time finding one that's very similar to it. I use it practically everyday and love it!

Price: $25.00
Available: Senna Cosmetics