Monday, June 15, 2009

The Least Effective Hair Removal Products
Our Readers' Least Favorite Hair Removal Products

Saving up for laser hair removal would be better than wasting cash on these shaving and waxing products

Unless you're lucky enough to have gotten laser hair removal, you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of shaving and/or waxing. Even with good hair removal products the task is no fun, but when our readers used these products, it was terrible. See which products left them hairy and annoyed.

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No. 10: Schick Intuition, $10.99 average reader rating: 6.5*

"Good idea, but you waste 3/4 of the product. The only part of the soap bar that gets used is the part right under the blades. The sides and top are wasted..."

No. 9: Gillette Venus Vibrance, $9.99 average reader rating: 6.3*

"The battery does absolutely nothing to enhance this razor," one reader says. "I was looking for a closer and softer shave [and this] did neither..."

No. 8: no!no!, $250 average reader rating: 5.6*

"I devoted so much time to using this for about 10 weeks, and the only difference it made is that it actually made MORE hair appear..."

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Patty said...

Yeah, I've tried a lot of those products, they all stink. I just got some laser hair removal in Houston, it was really inexpensive and I was surprised that it wasn't painful. I encourage any readers to try it.

Yunas Chaudary said...

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