Friday, June 5, 2009

Beautiful Nails in a Snap? Revlon's Runway Collection Artificial Nails

I'll be the first person to admit that I don't give my nails all the attention and care they need. I just find it incredibly tedious to paint them- let alone put all the time and effort into keeping them at a nice length and properly shaped! I would always try and ended up cutting them really short again. It's a vicious circle! I also went to a salon for several months about every other week and had my nails done-well, I gave up on that too. I always *want* pretty nails but never seem to commit to getting and keeping them looking good.

Well, there's my sad sob story, Haha. Now, recently I got the opportunity to try out some of Revlon's Artificial nail collection. I can't say I've used artificial nails that often-actually, I can't remember if or when that last time was! But about Four days ago, I put on Revlon's Runway Collection: Medium Length Sequin Nails. I thought it'd be difficult to get them on right but it actually literally took me about 7 minutes (I do suggest taking your time though) to get them on and I really liked the way they looked. It's just 3 quick and easy steps. Each pack comes with 24 nails so they'll be a size for everyone, it also contains a cuticle stick, and nail glue. Everything you'll need!

I haven't had any fall off, chip, or break which was great! I also really liked the sequin nails because they were an added twist to the classic french manicure without being over the top or tacky. Most people who commented on my nails asked where I got them done and said how pretty they look. I think they're a quick and easy way to get pretty looking nails for 7-10 days. Not to mention these really beat the price of regular manicures at an expensive salon! Just make sure you don't try to remove or peel them off without soaking them in acetone polish remover until they dissolve! We don't want any damage done to our natural nails!

So what do you think? Ya like? If you want to check out more about Revlon's nail collection you can Visit there website Here and check out more Revlon Products Here! I hope everyone has a great day and don't forget to enter the contest that ends June 20th!