Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Great Skin for Spring: How to Care for Dry Skin!

Ladies and gentlemen with dry skin face a difficult problem: finding a regimen that won't strip their already dry skin but yet keep it healthy and clear. Dry skin can often be sensitive skin as well and tends to get flaky and blotchy. Here are some tips that should help keep dry skin looking and feeling great!

Tip #1: Make sure to use a cream based facial cleanser. These tend to be more hydrating while still removing makeup, dirt and impurities.

Tip #2: Instead of using an astringent toner, use a moisturizing mist (like Evian facial mist).

Tip #3: For dry skin, moisturize with a fairly thick cream moisturizer that is specifically created for your dry skin. (Philosophy makes a great moisturizer called: Philosophy's Hope in a Jar or for extra dry skin, try Philosophy's When Hope is not Enough Omega 3-6-9 replenishing oil
Tip #4:
Protect your skin with an SPF moisturizer during the day.

Tip #5: Exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a gentle facial scrub to remove dry, dead skin cells so your moisturizers will be able to penetrate and work more effectively.

Tip: #6: Use a cream based foundation for very dry skin! Cream formulas tend to have fuller coverage but also are less drying than powders and more hydrating than liquids.

I hope these tips help get dry skin issues in check! Just remember, with the Spring and Summer months quickly approaching, protect your skin! Nothing is more important than our health and healthy skin is beautiful!!


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Dina (Skin Care Expert) said...

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Cherry said...

I am having trouble on my dry skin during spring time. Reading your tips will be answer to my problem. I will try this when the spring comes. I am usually wearing mac cosmetics lipstick and make-up, and the first tips, I'm always do it for removal.

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