Thursday, March 19, 2009
Best and Worst Products from Lumene Cosmetics

Check out this buying guide to one of the most popular drugstore brands

Ever walked past a Lumene display at a CVS and wondered "Hmmm, what's the deal with that brand?" If so, you'll love this guide. Check it out, but be warned: you may feel the need to rush to your nearest CVS soon after.

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The Worst: No. 2: Lumene Cleansing Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover, $6.49 average member rating: 6.7*

What you said: "The product merely smears mascara around the eye area and..."

No. 1: Lumene Cleansing Sensitive Eye Make up Remover, $6.49 average member rating: 5.8*

What you said: "It burns the skin around my eyes, especially under..."

The Best: No. 10: Lumene Vitamin C+ Energy Cocktail Pampering Drops, $22.99 average member rating: 8*

What you said: "My skin is dry in the winter and I found this cocktail to give it the pampering boost..."

Want to see what's #1? Click here!


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Tierra said...

Thanks for the post! Much like jeans, one brand has hits and misses! Good to know what to buy and not to buy for the good ole makeup case!

The website has some great videos too: