Thursday, February 12, 2009

Elizabeth Arden Fragrance: Pretty

Pretty is a brand new fragrance by Elizabeth Arden launching this month- just in time for Valentine's Day! I'll start by talking about the ad campaign and the fragrance's packaging. Pretty's ads are strikingly beautiful, feminine, and romantic. The ad features a lovely model lounging in an ivory dress surrounded by flowers-when you see it, the word "pretty" definitely comes to mind.

The box is pink with a floral design. The gorgeous bottle is inspired by a flower vase, the pink top with a flower imprinted on it gives the impression of a flower in a vase. The perfume itself is clear.

Now, let's get to the best part! The scent itself! Pretty is an exceptional blend of Italian mandarin, orange blossom, peach nectar, petalia, star jasmine, pink iris, white peony, fluffy musk, jacaranda wood, and creamy amber. These ingredients create an ultra-feminine and memorable fragrance.

Personally I think the creators succeeded in making a fragrance that makes it's wearer feel pretty. I adore wearing it and have received many compliments while I have it on. It's very wearable and doesn't overpower the senses. Pretty is a great daytime or evening fragrance and in my opinion, it'd be an amazing pick to wear on a special date or occasion- like every woman's biggest day- her wedding day! Pretty by Elizabeth Arden is absolutely worth testing out, especially if you're a fan of floral fragrances.

- Pretty is available at fine department stores nationwide.

Product and Prices:

Eau de Parfum Spray:
-1.7 fl.oz/50ml: $49.00
-3.3 fl.oz/100ml: $62.00

Body Lotion
6.8 fl.oz/200ml: $30.00

Body Powder & Puff
3.4 oz/100 g: $37.50

Check out this great interview with Pretty's creator, Claude Dir of Givaudan here!

Also, be sure to check out Elizabeth Arden's Official Website to see more great products!


Xtina said...

This new fragrance from Arden smells great and is not too strong like most other scents.

Miss B said...

Hi there Xtina!

I'm so glad you like "Pretty" too! I just love it! I totally agree that it isn't too strong or overpowering!

Thanks for commenting!!
Miss B