Monday, November 17, 2008

MAC Face Charts: Red She Said- Which is Your Favorite?

I've posted about the Red She Said collection earlier on and since the Holiday season is upon us, it is the perfect collection to create a gorgeous makeup look for the Holidays! So my question to you guys is-which face chart look from the Red She Said collection is your favorite and which would you most likely try yourself? I'm going to be putting up some great Holiday tutorials so if anyone has any requests, please feel free to let me know! These are a few of my favorites! Check out all the MAC Red She Said Collection Looks here: MAC Cosmetics Looks


"Red" She Said

Soft Pause

Love Alert

So comment and let me know what looks you love and what looks you would do yourself or already have tried yourself and please send tutorial request my way as well!


Kandice said...

Soft Pause is awesome....very sultry and seductive!

Miss B said...

I agree-it's a makeup look that Marilyn Monroe would've worn. Sort of old hollywood!

Anonymous said...

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longge said...

abrar said...

so sexy loooks , thanx 4 sharing