Monday, October 6, 2008

The Top Ten Must Have MAC Eyeshadows

Hi there everyone! I've gotten a few questions about MAC Eye shadows and which ones I personally would recommend getting. Well, there are a ton to choose from and they are mostly all beautiful, I have trouble deciding which new ones to buy, I usually want them all! But I picked the top eleven ( I know, a weird number, I had to add a last one after thinking about it,LOL) that I find the most versatile and useful. You can create a large variety of looks with these eleven shades so they are good ones to collect! Shop now at MAC Cosmetics

1) Vanilla
- soft, pale peachy-ivory flecked with shimmer

- warm antique gold

- muted golden brown

-Intense golden reddish brown flecked with golden bronze shimmer

-Muted golden brown, Matte

-Muted silver with icy metallic shimmer

-Intense matte black

-Intense vivid green with shimmer

9)Satellite Dreams
-Deep dirty plum with violet/blue reflects

10)Shadowy Lady
- Darkly veiled matte plum

11) Goldmine
-Intense gold with shimmer

So there they are, my top 11 MAC eye shadow picks, obviously some will disagree and have a favorite shade they couldn't live without. I'm sure everyone has their favorites and they might not be on this list, but that's okay! Uniqueness is the beauty and spice of life so indulge and if you love a color, get it!


Kandice said...

I totally agree with Vanilla, Carbon, and Satellite Dreams. Vanilla is a great highlight color, Carbon is great for the outer V or to intensify a look, and Satellite Dreams is just gorgeous. My absolute favorite MAC eyeshadow is Trax. It just looks so good on my eyes. I also love Sumptuous Olive, Dazzlelight, and Deep Truth.

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