Thursday, September 4, 2008

Beauty Questions, Answered.

Here are some questions sent in by a couple of readers. I hope they may help you out too:-)If you have any makeup/beauty/style questions, please send them my way at

1. How can I make my eye makeup stay on longer?

Answer: Well, modern makeup is designed to provide longer wear. There are ways to help increase the length of wear too. One of the best ways is to use a primer. So many companies make eye makeup primers as well as foundation primers now, here are some of the brands that I've found work well.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance $17
MAC Paint Pots $16.50
MAC Prep + Prime Eye $16
Laura Geller Eye Spackle $23
Benifit Shadow Base $20

Primers help the shadow adhere to the lid better and keep it from sliding off. It can also help your liner stay put so it's a makeup must have!

2. Is it true you should never line your water line with eyeliner or it'll make your eyes look small?

Answer: Well, this might be something you've been told because I was told this growing up! But the truth is, if you do it right, it can actually look really good. It can accentuate the color of your eyes. If you have very small eyes, it might not be the best place to apply eyeliner, but if you have large eyes or normal eyes, feel free. Just use a liner that is Opthamologist tested.

3. How can I make my cheekbones look higher?

Answer: Okay, this is actually really a simple technique that alot of people either don't know much about or struggle with a bit. You can create gorgeous cheekbones by contouring and highlighting. Choose a powder in a shade slightly darker than your natural skin tone and apply it under your cheekbone. (Make a fishy face and apply the darker shade in the hollow under your cheekbone.)Make sure to blend this well so you don't get an unnatural looking line. After that, apply your regular shade of blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend it up along your cheekbones. Using a light, shimmery powder, highlight your cheekbones by dusting the highlighting powder along the tops of your cheekbones.


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