Thursday, December 25, 2014

Diamond Candle Review!

I hope everyone is having an amazing Christmas/Holiday season! I have had a wonderful Christmas with my husband and family, it really couldn't have been better! I decided to review one of my presents from my mom- I have wanted to try the Diamond Candles for a long time! Not even because of the potential of getting a pricey gift inside, hehe, but because I have heard such positive things about the candles themselves and I am a lover of candles:-)

My mom got me the Lavender Lemon one and I LOVE it. It smells gorgeous-It is so aromatic, it fills the whole room! I seriously didn't want to blow it out! It is fresh and relaxing. The candles themselves are quite lovely to look at too!
So pretty!
When it burns for a while, you can easily access the ring. I just plucked mine out with a tweezers. It is carefully wrapped in foil and in the foil, there is a small baggy holding the ring. There is a reveal code with your ring which you enter into the Diamond Candle site and it tells you how much it’s worth. Mine wasn't worth anything much but it sure was pretty!
Your chances of getting a pricey ring are not really impossible. It's definitely not lottery chances, haha. 1 in 100 will receive a ring worth at least $100. 1 in 1,000 will receive a ring worth at least $1,000. 1 in 5,000 will receive a ring worth $5,000.

As a Christmas treat, here is a $10 off code!! Right now, a lot of autumn scents are on sale so you can get a great deal!! Check it out  HERE: $10 Off!!!  If you follow the link, the code should pop up at checkout:-) Please Enjoy, let me know if you decide to try one yourself or if you already have and Merry Christmas! 


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