Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Lush Halloween 2011

Lush Halloween products have hit stores! I love Halloween, I love Lush and I am so happy they brought back my absolute favorite shower gel, Ghost! If you haven't read my review of Ghost, you can check it out HERE:-) Head on over to a Lush near you and check out these lovely products:

Ghost Shower Gel

This Ghost will spook your shower once again. Made with a rose and dove orchard infusion, Ghost will leave your skin feeling soft with the lingering fragrance of lilies.
$27.95 for 16.9oz
$17.95 for 8.4 oz

Pumpkin Soap
Carve some time out of your Halloween to wash with our spicy hand and body soap. Clove, cardamom, spearmint and fresh pumpkin will warm up you up after a long night of trick or treating.

Calavera Bath Bomb
Skulls don't have to be scary. In Mexico, they are an iconic image for the Day of the Dead celebrations, during which the dead are honored and respected. This bomb contains marigold petals and zesty lime oil to make your bath time fragrantly festive!

Jacko Bath Bomb (Online Only)
You'll be haunted by this spicy fragrance long after your bath.The ultimate goodie after a night of trick or treating; drop this bath bomb in your tub and soak this hollow's eve in a room filled with the spicy scent of clove bud and spearmint.

Calacas Shower Jelly (Online Only)
Multi coloured jellies for a festive shower experience. We created our own little wiggly skulls of seaweed and aloe vera gel to leave you soft and gorgeous, and filled them with neroli and lime oils to put you in a haunting mood. You'll have to wait until your package arrives to see which colour you get... it's like trick or treat for the shower.

Lady Catrina Soap (Online Only)
A brightly coloured, fruit laden chunk of spectacular citrus suds! Lady Catrina's sweet scent comes from Agave nectar, which we're thrilled to use because it's a vegan alternative honey. Agave nectar is extracted from the agave cactus. The nectar gives Lady Catrina her beautiful, sweet scent.

Pumpkin Knot Wrap
Carve out a place in your sweeties heart this Fall with our limited-edition Pumpkin Knot-Wrap. It's a mini wrap fit for a single Bath Bomb, a couple bars of soap or even a handful of Halloween candies. Pumpkin is the perfect way to wrap up your party favors, a gift for the host, or treats for the kids.

Check out more about these products and upcoming Christmas products at LUSH.