Monday, June 20, 2011

Alpha Nail: Seperating the Men from the Boys.

I've actually had this discussion multiple times with my guy friends and my girlfriends-is nail polish on a man acceptable? The usual response from the guys in my life is somewhere along the lines of "No, that's gay!" *insert eye roll here*. (The few of my girlfriends who agreed with them happen to be dating men who would be the last guys on earth I would ask to walk me out to my car in the middle of the night for the sake of protection.) I never really understood that response-how can the act of painting one's nails be so threatening to a man's masculinity? I guess the answer is-it's not a threat- if you're a secure, confident and sexy stud.

While lacquered nails on men is not an entirely new concept, it's rarely seen outside the world of Rock n' Roll. And why the hell not? I can't count how many times I've seen guys with split, bruised, jacked up nails that make me wince in pain at the sight of them. If only for that reason alone I would be the first lady to hand that man some black or gray polish-or offer to paint his nails myself. Nail polish is awesome protection against chipping, splitting and breakage. The other reason? It's sexy-if you're confident enough to pull it off.

Well, now the polished male nail look is creeping out and spreading past the scene of Rock n' Roll and into the very macho, very popular sport of Mixed Martial Arts with a new line for men brilliantly named Alpha Nail. Growing up with two older, very critical and very manly (or so they keep telling me) brothers, I have been exposed to the sport for many years. My brothers are both actively involved in MMA. They would also be the first two guys to criticize a man for wearing polish. That is until they see it on their favorite fighter.
So if your a man and snicker at the thought of nail polish or a lady who scoffs at the idea of painting your man's nails- maybe you're/he's just not man enough for it;-) I guarantee that if Roger Huerta or Chuck Liddell walked into the room-no one would dare raise an eyebrow, let alone laugh.

Intrigued? Head on over to Alpha Nail to check out their full color range and product info. You can also follow them on Twitter HERE.