Monday, April 4, 2011

Lush Easter Collection Review

Often Easter is a holiday that focuses quite a bit on children-the candy, the stuffed animals, the plastic easter egg hunts. Well, Lush does a great job of making products that are fun for kids and adults! This years Easter Collection is small but cute and has some products that I think will go over really well with people:-) Here are my thoughts and first impressions!

Donkey Oaty

Lush pulls no punches about the strangeness of this little donkey bath bomb as part of the easter collection. A donkey is not typically the first thing that jumps to mind when they think of Easter! But quirkiness aside, this little guy is not only cute, it smells lovely too. If you're a fan of Lush's Charity Pot body lotion, you'll love pairing it up with this bomb! It has the same floral fragrance with that nice touch of cocoa.

Candy Fluff Egg

Do you miss Snow Fairy? Have no Fear, the Candy Fluff Egg is here! It smells just like Snow Fairy shower gel which is a Limited Edition Shower Gel sold around Christmas time that so many Lushies love! Not only does it smell lovely, it turns the water a gorgeous pink and has cute little candy flowers in it-what girl-young and old- wouldn't love that?

Hippy Chick

This one is absolutely adorable-almost too cute to use! But once you smell it's gorgeous citrus scent, you'll be dying to throw him in the tub. This is my favorite bath bomb out of the collection (which is a bit odd because I'm usually a more floral type of girl over citrus). It smells like Lush's Happy Hippy shower gel and has Bergamot oil in it which is great for the skin and awesome for reducing stress! This one is a perfect bomb for Spring!

Happy Easter Gift

This would make a great gift for any child or adult-especially a Lush fanatic or anyone who loves a good bath! You can definitely get several baths out of this adorable "egg" with the Hippy Chick inside. One half of the egg is the Candy Fluff fragrance and the other half is an Avobath. Avobath is one of the best bath bombs for providing moisture and it has a lovely lemongrass, fresh, clean scent. It actually has Avocado oil in it so it's perfect for dry skin.

Bunny Wrap

An adorable way to wrap up a bath bomb and give to anyone-but I'm especially excited about giving this little guy to my niece! Soo cute!

Has anyone had a chance to check out the Lush Easter Collection yet? What do you think of the products? See anything that catches your eye? ;-) Let me know in the comments section below!