Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lush Calavera Bath Bomb Review

In celebration of Halloween this year, Lush came out with a few Limited Edition "Day of the Dead" products. This colorful Calavera bath bomb is one of them. This particular bath bomb is pretty fragile and did chip a bit before I used it in the bath but that didn't stop it from doing it's job! This was so pretty in the tub- it created swirls of pink, orange and green. As it dissolved, it also released about half a dozen marigold petals into the water. The scent is a lovely blend of citrus and a hint of floral.

The Lime oil in this bath bomb makes it particularly refreshing to use and it left my skin feeling very clean without being dry. This would be a great bomb to use if you're feeling a little rundown as Lime oil is known for it's therapeutic benefits of being uplifting and rejuvenating- it can also help improve circulation. This probably wouldn't be one of my absolute favorite bath bombs (I have about a dozen of favorites!) Lush offers but it was a fun one to use and in no way was it a disappointment!

Description: Sadly, there isn't any tequila in this brightly coloured bomb but we were sure to fill it up with marigold petals and zesty lime oil to make your bath time festive! Celebrate the season with burst of citrus and massive swirls of oranges, pinks and greens to lift your spirits out of this world.

Price: $5.95

Available at: LUSH Cosmetics