Friday, October 1, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains Swatches, Review and More!

Hello everyone! I got my Venomous Villains order today and decided to share with you all my opinions and some swatches and all of that good stuff! I still have a few pieces in this collection that I really want so there might be an update or Part Two at some point:-)

What I ordered:
-Bad Fairy Nail Polish
-French Quarter Greasepaint Stick
-Magically Cool Liquid Powder Truth & Light
-She Who Dares Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo
-Dark Deed Lipstick
-Vile Violet Eye Shadow
-Vainglorious Eye Shadow

Swatches (On NC15 Skin over Painterly Paint Pot):

From Left to Right: Vainglorious shadow, Vile Violet Shadow, She who Dares Duo, French Quarter Greasepaint Stick, and Dark Deed Lipstick.

Bad Fairy Nail Polish:

(Sorry these are a little messy:-( I didn't want to take the time to clean up around the edges for pictures, I was excited to get everything up! Haha! Also, this picture doesn't do this polish justice at all, It's absolutely stunning in person! The duo chromes kind of messes up the picture a little too:-)

Quick Look:

Products Used:

-MAC Sculpt and Shape NC15 Foundation
-MAC Pretty Baby Beauty Powder
-Magically Cool Liquid Powder Truth & Light

-French Quarter Greasepaint Stick as a base and liner on the lower lash line
-She Who Dares MED
-Rimmel Volume Flash mascara

-Dark Deed

My Thoughts and Review:
I'm super thrilled with everything I purchased so far from this collection! Here's a short break down of my thoughts on each product!

Bad Fairy Nail Polish- I'm so happy I got this! This was one of the first products from the Venomous Villains Collection to sell out online so I feel pretty lucky! This was easy to apply, didn't take forever to dry and the color is exceptionally unique!It's a duochrome polish of red, gold and copper. It reminds me of fire or lava and I absolutely love this shade! I applied 3 coats of polish just because I wanted it really rich.

French Quarter Greasepaint Stick- This i a really pretty, rich shade of blackened brown with flecks of golden/bronze in it. This is a gorgeous base for the shadows in this collection (Especially She Who Dares and Vainglorious!) as well as a very pretty liner! Very smudge resistant once dry!

She Who Dares Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo- This is absolutely to die for! It's super shimmery so if you hate shimmer this might not be for you but I think it's so stunning for a night out and perfect for fall! The green shade is gorgeous and I love the midnight blue. This applies very easily and looks great wet or dry although when applied wet the color is a bit richer! Super fun to play with and truly beautiful colors!

Vainglorious Eyeshadow- I love this shade. It's a little bit similar to MAC's Star Violet but is darker and a more rich burgundy with less metallicy sheen to it. It applies very smoothly and looks awesome over French Quarter! A great color to make green eyes pop!!

Vile Violet Eyeshadow- A blue, cool toned matte violet shadow. This one is not as easily blendable as vainglorious but it's not really difficult, just the typical matte formula. The color is gorgeous and I can't think of a permanent MAC color that is comparable to this. Another beautiful color for Fall!

Dark Deed Lipstick- This color might be a little tough for some to pull off if you're timid about bold, dark colors but I'm in love with this lipstick! I really like wearing darker lipsticks in the fall and winter. This is a gorgeous deep blood red color with a dark brownish base. The finish is slightly glossy. Dark Deed is comparable to MAC's Media but this one has a bit more red to it and the finish is quite a bit different. I have Media as well as this and they both have their pros! I guess this being a "must have" depends on how much you wear dark colors and what you already have:-)

Magically Cool Liquid Powder Truth & Light- I was actually really excited about this brand new product and couldn't wait to get it! I was not disappointed. This is such a cool and unique product and I absolutely love the feel of it. It's a powder but it feels wet when you apply it. It's a very subtle sheen to it and really makes your skin look pretty. It can be used as a highlight or all over your face to give skin a beautiful glow!

I hope you enjoyed all this info and hopefully there will be a "Part Two" if I can fulfill the rest of my list tomorrow:-) I'd love to hear what you guys got from this collection or what you're planning on getting! Let me know in the comments section!

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