Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beauty Question and Answers

Here are some recent questions I was asked in regards to foundation and concealing. I hope if you've had similar question that these answers can help:-)

Q: I have trouble concealing blemishes- do you have any tips that might give me better results?

A: Concealing can be a little tricky! The first and easiest tip I can give you is to apply concealer AFTER you've applied your foundation. Often times, people put concealer on before foundation and then it just gets moved around or wiped off.
Also, try and get a concealer shade tat matches your foundation and apply it with a small concealer brush and blend out the edges gently.
You could also try a color correction concealer or a slightly yellow concealer to bring redness down.

Q: I have a habit of applying too much foundations-what can I do to fix this after the fact without removing all my makeup?

A: This one is a pretty easy fix! Just take a clean makeup sponge and blend your foundation downwards to blend it into your jawline and down onto your neck. You could also spray a tiny bit of water on a clean sponge to aid in the blending process.

Q I really dislike the feel of foundation but I need some coverage. What are my options?

A: You could try a tinted moisturizer-it doesn't feel like foundation on the skin but provides some sheer coverage to help even out your skin tone a little bit. You could also use foundation but only apply it where needed and then blend it outwards to make everything look perfect.