Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lush Holiday Goodies!

Ah! So many Holidays just around the corner! I don't know about you ladies but I absolutely love the Holiday season. I adore Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I also always look forward to the amazing holiday collections that Cosmetic companies come out with. Well, I'm absolutely thrilled about the awesome stuff Lush has out for Halloween and Christmas. They are not only adorable but the scents sound incredible! What perfect gifts for your loved ones and yourself! Definitely worth checking out! Head on over to LUSH to see all the available products!

Here are some on my wish list! Share your wish list in the comment section!

Halloween Goodies:

Ghost Shower Gel
"Let the scent of this beautiful, floral shower gel lessen your fears of the supernatural. Made with rose and dove orchid infusions, Ghost first made an appearance in 2007 and now it's back to haunt us. Translucent, lovely and only around for a moment, Ghost merits a photograph or no one will believe it really existed. All that will remain is soft skin and the fragrance of lilies."
Price: $16.95 - $25.95

Cobweb Bath Bomb
"Drop this bomb into your bath for a soothing and fruity bath with our ever popular black pearl scent. Shaped like a cobweb and dusted with sparkle, the lavender and chamomile will calm, while the blackcurrant adds a touch of fruitiness. This small but mighty bomb is a major stress reliever (as long as you're not scared of spiders)."
Price: $5.95

The Great Pumpkin Soap
"This limited edition soap is pumpkin-colored and shaped affair with a scent borrowed from our lovely and rejuvenating Spice Curls. So endearing that the headless horse man has tried to steal it for himself to wear around town! It's only around for Halloween so get yours before All Hallows Eve."
Price: $5.95

Christmas Goodies:

Snowcake Soap
"Snowcake soap is a LUSH Holiday classic and a best-seller. It's a fantastically creamy soap that smells of irresistible the almond icing on the Christmas cake. This year Snowcake has a beautiful new design inspired by Russian cakes from the town of Tula. They make cakes that look like this for all occasions, and every one of them has a different message, our says, "have a good new year". Once you start washing with this rose and cassie absolute soap, you'll certainly be off to a good start."
Price: $6.95

Jingle Spells Bath Bomb
"We brought back our favourite Christmas detoxifying Bath Bomb because we often find ourselves drinking a few too many around the holiday season. We make it with juniperberries and fennel oils to help you overcome the sensitivity to jingling bells and other loud noises the day after the Christmas Party. Kids and non-drinkers alike can still enjoy this Bath Bomb to help them keep up their holiday cheer. Get one, bathe in its purple waters with gold, silver and black stars, and let it work its magic."
Price: $5.95

Satsumo Santa bath bomb
"Last year Simon Constantine (co-head-perfumer) created the gorgeous scent for our decadent Chocolate Santa. This year, Santa's back and he's SUMO sized! Simon created a new lovely and refreshing citrus fruit blend with manadarin oil, bergamot oil and orange blossom absolute. When the holiday season has gotten you all stressed out and tired, grab a Satsumo Santa and drop him into the tub with you. The smile-inducing orange flower scents will rise up from the water to lift your seasonal spirits and get you excited to finish up with the rest of your holiday chores."
Price: $5.95

Mr. Butterball Bath Bomb
"A LUSH holiday favourite returning year after year by popular demand. Mr. Butterball is made with helpings of skin softening cocoa butter that melt into the water and softens skin whilst you soak. Sexy ylang ylang and calming vanilla help you relax and get to sleep too. Pick up a few of these guys and pop them into everyone's stockings for a Christmas day bath."
Price: $3.95

Want to Believe bath melt
"If you've been good all year round, you won't have to worry about finding a lump of coal in your stocking. What you will find is this coal black, refreshing, skin-softening Luxury Bath Melt. Each sparkling bar is full of a gorgeous fennel and starflower oil fragrance to refresh your mind, along with soya milk and cocoa butter to soften your skin. Drop one into the bath and watch it froth up; it's meant to restore your belief in the joys of yuletide."
Price: $6.95

Christmas Eve bubble bar
"Christmas Eve is infused with a gorgeous and feminine jasmine and ylang ylang perfume to relax and inspire confidence. On Christmas Eve children find it difficult to get to sleep, so give them a good bathing in a Christmas Eve bubble bath and they'll soon be off to the land of nod. Once they're dreaming of Santa flying around in his sleigh, it's your turn to take some time out and escape from seasonal stress. Crumble one into the tub, inhale the gorgeous fragrance and exhale all your Christmas Eve jitters."
Price: $6.95

Angel's Delight Soap
"We imagine if we did not bring back Angel's Delight this year, our LUSH customers would not act very angelically. There would be riots and protests until we started making it. If you haven't tried it, we'll tell you why it's so popular. It is bright pink, fruity, studded with multicoloured soap shapes and scattered with glitter and stars. It's inspired by kaleidoscopes and smells of jelly beans. It delights both angels and mere mortals by refreshing and cleansing your skin and stimulating your spirit."
Price: $5.95

How cute are the holiday goodies? Is there anything you are excited about from the Lush Holiday collection? I hope you'll share your wish list!!