Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Top 5 Eye Shadow Primers/Bases

How did women ever live without eye shadow primers? I will never know. I never go a day without applying a base-it keeps my shadow on all day without smudging or creasing, not to mention just making them look brighter and better! There are so many primers and bases to choose from, I decided to make a list of my choices for the top 5 BEST! All of these have been tried, tested and loved by me!

1. Urban Decay primer Potion

This primer is loved by many. It is pretty much flawless in regards to primers. This one easily makes the A Little More Beautiful Top 5 list.
Price: $17, $22
Available at: Sephora

2. MAC Prep and Prime

A Silky Smooth textured primer that is great for using with Pigments and Shadows. Available in three shades for light, medium and dark.
Price: $16.50
Available at: MAC

3.Benefit Cosmetics Lemon Aid

This primer is fantastic because the yellow based formula covers any redness or discolorations right up. Perfect for getting the true colors out of your shadows.
Price: $20
Available at: Sephora

4. Too Faced Shadow Insurance

Perfect if you want long wearing shadows with no creasing, smudging or melting-which can be a serious problem any day of the year but especially in Summer or in wet weather. Just a little of this goes a very long way.
Price: $17
Available at: Sephora

5. L'Oreal De-Crease Eye Shadow Primer

Great for any of us who are on a budget. Provides protection against fading or creasing for up to 8 hours.
Price: $7.99
Available at: Drugstores, Ulta