Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lime Crime Makeup

"So Bright It's Illegal" is an incredibly accurate statement in regards to these loose eye shadows. They are bold, brilliant and amazingly pigmented. Lime Crime's Magic Dust eye shadows are absolutely gorgeous and come in a wide variety of shade options. If you love makeup and enjoy playing with color, you will be crazy about these shadows!

Here's a bit more about the 4 shades I was able to try out:

Siren: An amazing, jaw dropping red...I can't get over how gorgeous this color is! When the light hits it, it has hints of gold in it which makes it even more interesting. I've always found red shadows to be extremely difficult to find, especially high quality, beautiful ones like this! You can really get creative with this color!!

Princess Caraboo: This is a really beautiful dark green. It's got a lot of sheen to it and can be made to look super dramatic or a bit more toned down, depending on how you use it. One of the prettiest greens I have ever seen!!

Empress: Okay, this one might be my personal favorite out of the 4. It's SO hard to pick a favorite though! Empress is described as "Royal Purple" and I couldn't think of a color more "royal" than this! It's such an intense, stunning shade of purple- I'm absolutely in love!!

Medusa: Now I feel conflicted because as I'm sitting here writing this and looking at this beautiful color- I'm starting to think....maybe this is my favorite? WOW! This amazing shadow is black with a really pretty blueish/greenish sheen to it. Definitely not your average smokey black eyeshadow! What a beautiful shade to create a drop dead gorgeous evening look!

If you couldn't tell, I'm pretty excited about Lime Crime Makeup! Haha:-) They can be used wet or dry- wet if you want a super dramatic finish. I also love using them as eye liners, especially Medusa! I just wet an angled brush and dip it in the loose powder and line my eyes. Also, I have found these a lot easier to work with than most other mineral or loose shadows I have used in the past.

The Magic Dusts are made 100% out of minerals found in nature and are NOT tested on animals.

Price: $12 (Although there are some shades on sale right now including Empress, Siren and Princess Caraboo!!)


These swatches don't do the colors justice...they are so amazing in the flesh. But check out LIME CRIME MAKEUP to see really great swatches of all the products available.

Left to Right: Empress, Princess Caraboo, Siren and on the bottom- Medusa.

Oh and I have to mention: Be on the Look out for the Candyfuture Collection coming in October. This is an AMAZING lipstick collection. By now, you all know I'm basically obsessed with lipstick...well, I practically drooled looking at the photos of this collection. The packaging, the colors-so stunning!!! There are shades you won't find anywhere else! Be sure to check out this collection for yourself!!!

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