Thursday, September 17, 2009

Beauty Tips and Tricks

Who couldn't use a few beauty tips here and there? I know I love them! Fall is a great season to try out some new beauty trends or something you don't normally wear. If you're going out, give yourself a little extra time to get ready and try something unusual or totally different for you...don't like it? You'll have time to remove it and go back to something you're comfortable with!

Here are some pretty and easy beauty tips that are perfect for the Fall Season!:

1) In a rush? Swipe on a hot pink, plum or true red lip gloss. An eye catching lip color instantly brightens up your face and looks more polished.

2) Copper eye shadows are flattering on any eye color or skin tone. Use paler copper shades for fair skin tones and darker coppers or bronze for deeper skin tones.

3) Having trouble with lifeless looking hair? Deep Condition! Deep conditioning your hair once a week or once every other week (if you have oilier hair) gives hair a boost and restores some shine and bounce to over styled, over processed locks.

4) Experiment with color! Sure, there are plenty of makeup "rules" but often times, the beauty icons we love and adore are rule breakers. Some beauty "don't's" can be beauty "do's" for some women, but you'll never know if you don't experiment now and then! After all, individuality should apply to your beauty style as well as your fashion style!

5) Try out some eye opening (or eye catching) fake lashes. They can transform any look and really bring out your eyes. Sometimes, an eye look just doesn't look complete without falsies! (I'm LOVING IEnvy Lashes by Kiss- Available at Duane Reade this September for $3.49) Have trouble applying falsies? Check out my How to Use False Lashes article for some really helpful tips!

6) Do you have oily skin? Try a cleansing oil. Don't let it scare you! The oil based cleanser actually does a fantastic job of breaking down the dirt and oil on the skin without stripping it of moisture. We never want to strip oily skin because it will only make our skin create more oil.

The best beauty tip of all? Have fun with it! Makeup should be enjoyable not a chore! What are some of your personal favorite beauty tips you've learned throughout the years??