Sunday, August 16, 2009

Senna Cosmetics: Silky Primer

Alot of women have the problem of makeup meltdown, or foundation that fades or runs. Well, a great solution to that problem is to use a Primer underneath your makeup! There are quite a few on the market but like most cosmetic products, some are better than others. Well, Senna Cosmetics' Silky Primer: Under Makeup Smoothing Serum falls into that "better" category.

As soon as I put it on my skin, it felt weightless and well....silky! My skin felt flawless and looked smoother and poreless. It fills in little fine lines and wrinkles. Applying my foundation was a snap, it went on smoother and blended beautifully over the Silky Primer. The primer kept my foundation in place despite sweating as I ran after my niece all day.

One thing I especially love about this primer is the fact that it doesn't just keep your makeup looking flawless, it also treats your skin with antioxidants and vitamins...just another added benefit this Silky Primer provides!

More Product Info:
This silky, sheer, oil free formula makes your skin smooth like a baby’s so liquids, creams, and even powder foundations slip on and blend easily. While antioxidants and vitamins treat your skin, this magic tool diminishes imperfections and helps fill in lines and wrinkles. Helps stop ‘disappearing makeup’ syndrome and saves you many touch-up trips.

Size: 1.7OZ / 48G

Price: $38.00

Available at: Senna Cosmetics
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