Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Makeup Tools and Makeup Storage

I don't know about you, but I'm constantly in search of storage ideas, great makeup tools and other girly goodies! Not to mention if you're a makeup artist or an aspiring one, it's important to have tools and a neatly organized kit to bring to your various jobs. Well, I have my eye on a few things that fall into this category and I thought I'd share them with you!

CoCo Cosmetics Pink Pro Set
-Boy, am I lusting after this! I ordered a brush set from Coco Cosmetics a couple of years ago and quite liked it. I still use the brushes today, so they've held up well. But this pink train case is HUGE and so, so cute, not to mention the pink brush set. It's like a decoration in itself so it wouldn't just "take up space" in your room. Definitely worthy of GREAT interest!
Price: $395
Available at: Coco Cosmetics

Sigma Complete Professional Brush Set
- Chances are you've already heard quite a bit of buzz about the Sigma brushes. Alot of wonderful beauty bloggers and beauty gurus on youtube have raved about them. Some even saying they are comparable to MAC brushes! Well, that's enough to perk up my ears and get me interested!
Price: $64 without the brush roll, $79 with.
Available at: Sigma Makeup

NYX Makeup Artist Start Kit A
- An all inclusive kit. WOW. Everything you could possibly need as a beginning makeup artist and more! I'm already a big fan of NYX, so I know their product quality is really good. This kit is positively drool worthy!
Price: $600
Available at: NYX

Brush and Tool Apron
- A Real Must have for any aspiring makeup artist. I've got one (unfortunately, mine was pricier) and it makes working on a client so much easier! This particular one is really nice as it holds more than just brushes, it's got a place for everything! Love it!
Price: $39
Available at: Makeup Creations

Coastal Scents Black Deluxe Reptile Brush Set
- A great starter brush set! If you're a beginner with makeup or just want to expand your brush collection, this looks to be a good one! I've tried several other Coastal Scents products and haven't been disappointed yet, so I'm eyeing this brush set for my own personal use, hehe. Coastal Scents generally offers great quality at affordable prices!
Price: $39.95
Available at: Coastal Scents


The Vision Academy said...

These are great products! I need to purchase one of these to tote my makeup around for school. I just enrolled at The Vision Academy, I'm so exctied!