Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cities With the Worst Dental Issues
The 14 Worst-Teeth Cities

These towns are no strangers to stains or decay -- did your home make the list?

What makes for a beautiful smile? We asked Irwin Smigel, DDS., founder and president of the American Society for Dental Aesthetics (ASDA) and creator of Supersmile, for his criteria: Regular dentist visits, not smoking, minimizing your coffee, soda and red wine intake, and brushing and flossing. Other factors, like having hard water or a dry climate, can also stain teeth or create a dry mouth (which can hurt gums). We looked at these factors and found 14 cities that fell short on what it takes to have a healthy, attractive smile. Check them out here.

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Jesse Hake said...

Regular dental visits is definitely the most important criteria here, since Dental visits would equal to your teeth actually getting professional check-ups and maintenance!