Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Beauty Questions and Answers!!

Q: I was diagnosed with Vitligo about 3 years ago. I have snow white patches all along my jaw and around my eyes and it's quite noticeable. Is there a makeup that would help even out my skin and hide my Vitligo patches?- Alexis

A: Hi there! Thank you for such a fantastic question. I've studied alot about Vitligo over the years. For those who don't know, Vitligo is a disease that causes patches of skin to lose pigment. The most famous case of Vitligo might be Mr. Michael Jackson's. Also, Lee Thomas, a famous news anchor also has this disease and has written a book about his struggle called "Turning White: A Memoir of Change".

Anyway, on to your question! People who have Vitilgo generally have to use a thicker, cream makeup. MAX Factor Pan Stick Foundation is a good option for those with smaller depigmented patches. You also can check out Coloration where you can get a customized color kit. If you have anymore question, please feel free to e-mail me anytime!!

Q: Should I exfoliate my legs after I shave?- Jenny

A: Actually, using a mild exfoliator before you shave your legs helps you get a closer shave by removing the top layer of dead skin.

Q: How can I keep my lipstick from fading during the day?- Kelly

A: While we might not be able to keep from reapplying our lipstick at some point throughout the day, we can help it last a bit longer by applying one coat to smooth but dry lips and blot on a tissue. Dust some translucent powder lightly over the first coat and then apply the second coat over that. There are also lip sealants on the market for special occasions like weddings!

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