Sunday, June 7, 2009

NYX Doll Eyes Mascara: Water Proof

Mascara is an enormous branch of the beauty industry and for good reason. What woman doesn't want long, thick, beautiful lashes? Well NYX Cosmetics has several versions of the Doll Eyes Mascara and the one I'm reviewing is the Waterproof version.

I used this mascara on a bride and all her bridesmaids when I did the makeup for a wedding last week. The girls absolutely loved the mascara and it didn't smudge or cry off at all! It added length and really did a nice job of defining their lashes and I didn't have any issues with clumping. The brush does a very nice job of getting all the lashes and making the most out of them. I just curled the lashes as usual and the put the brush at the roots and wiggle it from side to side while slowly bringing the wand up. It was the perfect finishing touch to their bridal makeup and lasted all day and night.

If anyone has problems with regular mascara running or has a special event coming up (like a wedding, hehe), a waterproof mascara is a great option. It comes right off with eye makeup remover but won't go anywhere if you cry or have allergies and your eyes water a bit. I have found this one to be very effective and at $8.00, it's a great price too!

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