Monday, May 4, 2009

Product Review: NeuLash Active Eyelash Technology

I never really had anything to complain about in regards to my eyelashes-they've never been ridiculously long and full but they aren't short and thin either. They're basically average and I was pretty okay with that. Well, that was before I tried NeuLash.

I've been using NeuLash for 30 days now and I am amazed! I've been getting great results. My lashes are definitely longer and fuller but my favorite part of the results is I don't even need to curl my lashes anymore. I just put on my mascara and my lashes are already curled up. I have gotten a ton of comments and compliments from my family and friends. I told them about NeuLash and one of my friends bought a tube and has using in religiously until her wedding in a month. I would absolutely say that instead of just average lashes, I have long and full lashes now!

I'm really excited about my results and am honestly impressed! I just applied the product across my lash line every single night before bed and within about 2-3 weeks of use I noticed a difference in the length, curl and thickness of my lashes!

NeuLash is incredibly easy to use and takes less than a minute each night to apply. Here's a little more info from Chella about NeuLash:

Extend the life of your lashes by fighting the many aggressors that affect the condition of eyelashes.
A multitude of mechanical aggressors such as mascaras, eyelash curlers, make-up removers, tinting/perm treatments, false eyelashes/glues, and medications all weaken the structure of eyelashes. Also playing a key factor in slowing down the renewal process of eyelashes is aging. neuLash active eyelash technology offers maximum protection by delivering essential proteins, vitamins, moisturizing and rejuvenating ingredients to replenish and strengthen the structure of lashes, while adding shine and elasticity.

Through highly potent polypeptides and an abundance of powerful ingredients, neuLash helps promote healthy, natural lash growth and improves the overall appearance and condition of lashes. Each strand is nourished and the lash line energized with incredible results that help transform thin, brittle or short lashes into Thicker, Longer, Healthier-looking lashes in just 4 weeks!

Who’s It For
neuLash is ophthalmologist safety-tested and is ideal for women and men with brittle, weak, thin, or short eyelashes, contact lens wearers, those who have eyelash extensions, or those who have undergone radiation treatment. neuLash can also be used to improve the appearance of sparse, thin eyebrows. Clinical studies have found neuLash to be safe and gentle to eyes, yet extremely powerful in its stimulating and rejuvenating properties.

Triple-Action Formula Provides:

-Incredible Strength, Length and Volume!
neuLash was developed with potent bioengineered polypeptides containing beneficial amino and fatty acids with renewing properties that provide effective protection against breakage and promote healthy, natural lash growth.

-Extreme Moisture and Increased Elasticity!
Sodium Hyaluronate, one of the most potent humectants, alongside Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans provide extreme hydration to lashes by binding in moisture while improving elasticity and durability.

-Intense Nourishment and Vitality!
Biotin, Panthenol and Pumpkin Seed join forces to help replenish and rejuvenate lashes with essential proteins and vitamins that provide strength, shine and enhance lash growth.

All these amazing ingredients work synergistically to promote fuller, longer, more voluminous lashes and enhance the overall appearance of the eyes.

Start with a clean, dry eye area. Using the applicator brush, apply neuLash to the base of the upper eyelash starting from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner, as if you were applying liquid eyeliner. neuLash can also be applied to the lower lash line. However, use greater care when applying to avoid direct contact with the eye.

Use neuLash once daily in the evening before bedtime. Wait until product has fully dried before applying additional cosmetics. Once desired results are achieved, it is recommended to continue using neuLash to maintain the appearance and condition of your lashes and brows.

Complete Ingredients
Water(aqua), Rhizobian Gum, Sodium Hyaluronate, Butylene Glycol, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Biotin, Panthenol, Pantethine, Hydrolyzed Glycosaminoglycans, Allantoin, Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Extract, Sea Water, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Alcohol denat (and) Isopropyl Chloprostenate, Octapeptide-2, Copper Tripeptide-1, Glycerin, Glycine Sojo (soybean oil), Phosphatidylcholine, Polypeptide-23, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Sorbic Acid.

So if you're interested in NeuLash, head on over to CHELLA and check out some more info on NeuLash, including FAQs, Before and After Photos, and more! I'll try and get some photos of my own up soon but I'm having some camera issues at the moment but keep an eye open for that. Have a great day everyone and feel free to leave any comments or questions or e-mail me!


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