Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hair Accessories

There isn't an easier way to get a cute summer hair look then throwing on a pretty headband or detailed hair clip. There are so many amazing options around today at all price points. A cute hair accessory can add alot of visual appeal to an entire outfit. Whether you choose something ultra modern or something vintage, just make sure you love it! Here are some great ones!

beyond a shadow of a doubt headband

Product info:variety of gold, brown and back vintage feathers. on a thin satin headband embellished with a vintage rhinestone earring. limited edition. vintage rhinestone element may vary slightly.
Available at:Bando

"b" headband
Product Info: vintage hot pink stretch band adorned with black rhinestone embellishment.
Price: $35
Available at:Bando

Chiffon Floral Hair Pin
Product Info:Add a dainty chiffon flower to your hairstyle with this floral hair pin. Available in 4 colors.
Price: $2.80
Available at: Forever 21

Satin Bow Headband
Product Info:Adorable satin-covered tapered headband topped with a satin bow.
- 1.0" wide band (widest section)
- 4.5" bow length
-Available in two colors
Price: $6.80
Available at: Forever 21

Crystal Ponytail Holder
Product Info: The metal part of ponytail holder is about 1 inch diameter when it circles around ponytails. Decorated with Swarovski crystals and available in 10 colors!
Price: $9.99
Available at:Long Hair Girl

So, are you guys fans of hair accessories or do you not wear them much? Which is your favorite?

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