Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Easy Way to the Perfect French Manicure

You know I like to inform you of good ideas and products I think will help people look their best. Well, The french manicure is easily one of the most popular nail looks and has been for quite some time now! It's classic, sophisticated and gorgeous! Well, with the economy the way it is these day it might be a bit harder for us all to make our weekly or bi-weekly nail appointments. But doing a french manicure on our own can be super tricky and time consuming. Well, here is a great solution! Perfect Formulas has created "The Perfect Manicure Kit".

Here's Some Product Info:
The unique French tip wand makes it easy to apply the perfect white tip every time, while the water-based white formulation is correctable with water until it is sealed. That means quick corrections can be made without removing your base color.

In addition, the Bright Base Coat instantly gives nails a natural healthy look thanks to an optical brightener which brightens the whites of the nails, while filtering out any yellow tones. Pair this with the magical results of the wand and the Sealer Coat which produces a dazzling high-gloss finish and et voilĂ ! – a flawless French manicure, no high-priced salon necessary!


Step 1 - Paint one coat of Bright Base Coat on your entire nails, let dry 2 minutes

Step 2 - Use the White Wand to paint the tip of the nail.
Place the applicator on one edge of the white of your nail. Move the applicator from one edge of the nail white to the other in one smooth motion.

Let it dry for 2 minutes
The white paint can be removed with water if you wish to make a correction. It is okay if the white appears streaky or not smooth, the Step 3 sealer will fix it.

Step 3 - Paint one coat of the Sealer Coat over the entire nail. Let dry.

For Just $27.50, it's a good way to keep your nails looking great without spending a fortune. Check out this kit at their site HERE.