Friday, April 24, 2009

Makeup Palettes by Lauren Luke

(My Smokey Classics by Lauren Luke)

Hey everyone! I just wanted to give you all a heads up on a new cosmetic line by the stunning Lauren Luke! I have been a fan of hers and have been watching her video tutorials for quite sometime now. I love to watch other makeup artists and "gurus" to see their work and she's one of the top talents, in my opinion. You may know her from YouTube as panacea81. This self taught makeup artist is incredibly talented and has gotten some well deserved attention because of it! (Okay, so the fact that she's sweet, pretty, funny and has an awesome accent probably didn't hurt either!)Lucky for us, she's been able to put out a makeup line and boy does it look awesome! Officially launching on April 27th, the 5 palettes look just beautiful and the swatches Ms. Lauren did in her video about her new line look quite impressive! The colors look really pretty and pigmented. Each palette comes with everything you'd need to create a beautiful daytime or evening look.

Here's what the different palettes contain:

2 Shadow Primers (light/dark)
3 Eye Shadows
1 Eye Liner
1 Blush
2 Lip Colors

Palette Photos:

I can't wait to scoop these up and try them out! (I know my mom is gonna grab "My Luscious Greens" for sure! Hehe) I think these would be great for anyone who loves experimenting with makeup or for anyone who wants and all-in-one kit that they can flip open, use, and head out the door. Head on over to Make Up by Lauren Luke to check out Lauren's videos, more information about her and her upcoming makeup line!


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