Sunday, March 29, 2009

Great Skin for Spring: How to Care for Oily Skin

Having oily skin can lead to alot of skin issues. It can also make finding the right skin care regimen a frustrating task. If you have an acne problem, an awesome thing to do for your skin is to visit a dermatologist. Often, they will be able to suggest skin care products or treatments that are perfect for your skin type. There are also a ton of products tailored specifically to acne prone skin. Here are some great tips for dealing with and caring for oily skin:

- First start with a gel cleanser or a cleanser made specifically for oily skin types. Start by applying a warm cloth to your face for a few minutes. Then apply your cleanser all over your face in circular motions avoiding the eye area.

- The second step is optional but I recommend it, especially for oily skin. Tone your skin with an astringent to remove all dirt and impurities you may have missed during the cleansing process.

- Third step is to hydrate your skin. Use an oil free moisturizer.

- Fourth step is for morning routine only. Be sure to protect your skin with an oil free sunblock, preferably with a SPF of 30.

- This last tip is to do once or twice a week. Get a gentle exfoliate or face scrub and exfoliate before cleansing.

It's important to wash your face once in the morning and once at night. You don't want to over do it. By over washing your skin, you can actually cause your skin to produce more oil. So stick to twice a day.

Stay tuned for more skin care advice based upon your own skin type in the Great Skin for Spring Series here at A Little More Beautiful!