Monday, February 2, 2009

Gillette Venus Embrace Review

I've used the regular Venus razor for some time before reviewing this new Venus Embrace razor and I'm thoroughly impressed by it. Instead of 3 blades, it has 5 blades and it leaves you completely smooth in just one pass instead of having to use multiple strokes over the same area. The top part is also flexible and moves with the curve of your leg which makes it easier to use.

I shaved under my arms and both legs, one leg with just warm water and the other with shaving cream. Both legs were smooth and hairless, I had absolutely no cuts or irritation on either leg. I have sensitive skin so this was a major plus for me! Both of my under arms were free of irritation and the Venus Embrace did a great job of removing the hair there. This razor is very easy to grip and moves smoothly and easily over sometimes difficult areas to shave like near the knee and heel/ankle.

Although it is a bit on the pricey side, it's worth the money because it gives a great, smooth, irritation free shave and the little shower pod is also a really nice little touch.

This would definitely be a product I would recommend.

Product Description: Gillette® Venus® Embrace(TM) hugs your curves to get virtually every hair -- taking smoothness to a whole new place! Only Venus Embrace has 5 blades surrounded by a Protective Ribbon of Moisture that effortlessly smoothes the glide. As you shave, each blade individually adjusts to hug your curves. Embrace your inner goddess with Venus Embrace.

You can find this product at your nearest drugstore for about $12.49.

Also, find more about this product HERE!