Monday, December 1, 2008

Product Review: Chapstick True Shimmers

Chapstick True Shimmers are a pretty way to keep your lips soft and smooth during the Winter months. They smell pretty, come in several different shades and flavors and are very inexpensive! They are about $2.50 each (my little sister has all of them and we certainly get alot of use out of them!) They're available at Walmarts and drugstores so check them out.

The 4 different types are:

Peppermint Rush
Botanical Berry
Berry Sherbet

They're a great chapstick to have in your purse during the winter. So check them out when you get the chance. Thanks for reading and Have a great day!


djh/texas said...

i have only seen the tropical and the berry botanical here at wal-mart. the one i got is tropical and it smells and tastes great. next time i plan on getting the berry one since it is said to also have a 'hint' of color.