Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Product Review: Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub

Price: $16.99
Where can I get it?: Target

Soap & Glory's Spa Sugar Crush Body Scrub really impressed me. One of the best cures for the upcoming winter's dry skin that alot of us tend to deal with is a great sugar scrub! Well, this definitely falls into that category.

This sugar scrub has a really pretty almond smell and doesn't leave skin slick or sticky like a lot of the products I have tried in the past. It exfoliates without being too harsh(Unless you have particularly sensitive skin, in which case you may want something with finer grains) and leaves even the roughest dry patches silky smooth.

It actually is a bit pricey but not as much as some of the higher end products I have seen out there and it really works well so it wouldn't be a waste of money.
The packaging is really cute and bold, which I like and Soap & Glory has a whole range of great products to check out.

So if you suffer from dry skin in winter or any other time of the year, I would suggest trying this sugar scrub in a hot bath or shower, followed by a body cream to really get the best softening effect. It gets a thumbs up from me!


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