Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own!

(This gorgeous pearl necklace can be found at Pure Pearls ( for $520.00.)

Jewelry should be a part of every woman's wardrobe, but there are some pieces that most fashionistas agree are absolute must haves! Here are those picks:

1)Pearls- A beautiful pearl necklace is a classic, you can never go wrong wearing a strand of pearls like the beautiful ones in the above photo.

2)Diamond Studs- Real or Fake, they go with anything and are, again, a classic.

3)Bangles- Bangle bracelets are fun and sexy. They can bring a dull outfit to life. Wear multiple bangles at a time for added drama.

4)Cocktail Ring- These can be a major style statement. There are so many to choose from but over sized rings are especially glamorous.

5)Layered Chains- Chains in silver or gold (Preferably dainty-to medium sized-not too big and chunky)that can be worn in multiples. Or long chains you can double around your neck work well.

6)Classic Watch- Men's style watches are a classic and great option for ladies.

7)Charm Bracelet- In gold or silver, this piece can tell your personal story. Choose charms that have meaning to you and this could be something special you pass down to your daughter, granddaughter, etc....Something they will cherish forever.

8)Pendant Necklace- This is another classic piece-a pretty cross, heart or other symbol on a delicate chain is a lovely decoration. In gold or silver, this can also hold great meaning to it's wearer.

So, there are some of the classic jewelry pieces that you can't go wrong having in your own jewelry wardrobe! I guarantee if you own these pieces, you will most certainly get alot of use out of them.
There are great picks to build your jewelry wardrobe-so keep a look out next shopping trip!


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